Update for the Week Ending January 18, 2012. Happy New Year

This week brought Corrie into 2013 on our screens but Fizz almost didn’t live to see it. After complaining of a bum boiler, Tyrone fixed it in that way you fix things if you don’t know how to fix gas-powered electrical appliances. Fizz complained for days of feeling like she had the flu. On New Year’s Eve, while the rest of her family was off to the Lake District, a weakened Fizz was going settle in on the couch and watch Jules Holland and die of carbon monoxide poisoning but Tyrone got to her in time.

Once she got to hospital it was quickly determined that it was a CO leak that almost killed her. To make sure Kirsty didn’t know about Tyrone being at Fizz’s, it was determined that it was Tina who found her and Tommy who fixed her boiler. Poor Tommy then got the brunt of everyone’s criticism for endangering Fizz.

Also, on New Year’s Eve, Brian wore his kilt and Beth wore something from the Samantha Fox collection.

At Underworld, well…

OK, so Rob cooked the books to make Underworld look less valuable than it is with Michelle’s knowledge. Carla got wind of it and fired her brother who then went out and promised a client a less expensive sweat shop. Hey, it works for Wal*Mart.

Anyway, none of these people are Mike Baldwin and all they do is lurch from one crisis to the next while the machinists can lose their jobs over the fall out of some affair or something equally dumb.

Peter and Nick have been needling each other all week to the point that I wasn’t sure if they wanted to kill each other or make out. Sadly for all you Peter/Nick fanfic writers out there, it was the former. Fisticuffs were exchanged and Nick had a bit of a meltdown in the Bistro, kicked the customers out, and destroyed all the booze; the beautiful, beautiful booze. But Leanne has a standing proposal for a wedding rerun next week, so we’ll see if he goes through with it.


And Sophie is no longer in Jenna’s care so that means they can start kissing. And as for Kevin, remember how Jenna shot him down when he tried it on with her? Well, take that embarrassment and couple that with the feeling you get when you see your daughter kissing that girl you liked. I’m sure the Germans have a for word it.

I’ll be out of town next week so no updates but I’ll be back and givin’ ‘er as soon as I’m back.


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6 Responses to Update for the Week Ending January 18, 2012. Happy New Year

  1. Bea says:

    Ha Ha, Kevin, you’re such a loser. You can’t even hit on a woman who likes men.

  2. eps says:

    I don’t get it. What is with the panic re: whether Nick or David is the father? They are 1/2 brothers so the baby would have a chance of looking like the Pratt (pun intended) family wouldn’t it? Didn’t Leanne have an abortion for a baby of Nick’s? Maybe I am just confusing the women of the street, so to speak.

  3. Wild Rover says:

    I think that when Leanne finds out about this (and she will – after all, Kylie told Eva that she was pregnant), it won’t be the one-night stand, but the fact that Nick pressured another woman to have a abortion, that she won’t be able to forgive. As eps and Bea mentioned above, he had done the same thing to her, years before.

  4. wilhelminathethird says:

    There appears to be a fair lot of story “reruns” lately. Perhaps now, there are new young writers who believe we will have forgotten the original stories as, of course, THAT audience must now be in their dotage. Ageism? Harrumph!?! LOL

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