Because John’s in the Merry-times

Hi, it’s Mare.  John asked me if I’d be willing to post from time to time, now I have cable again.  So, uh, hi! I don’t know if he’s planning on doing a big update for the week, but the biggest happening was of course The Wedding.

So… what about the big reveal at the end of the week, hmmm?

What about Kirsty’s dress?  Is a royal purple mermaid style dress ever appropriate for a bride?  Did it remind anyone else of Anya’s wedding dress on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or did I just out myself as a huge nerd?

If you were Tyrone, do you think you might have maybe, I dunno, deleted the texts?

In other, Platt-related news, Kylie is wearing her Bad Idea Jeans and has decided that with Nick they will keep the baby’s [presumed] paternity a secret.  Because that will totally work.  And she’s not getting rid of the baby, so David is over the moon.  Meanwhile, Gail is hot to trot for Lewis… and my brain needs some brillo.

And in a horrifying scene, Rob and Tracy had a meet cute in the back of Steve’s cab, when they both tried to claim right of passage.  Steve, too concerned with the state of his facial growth, was unable to kick either of them out so they decided to “split the fare” and “go to city centre.”  I’m pretty sure those were euphemisms, so we’ll see where that goes.

So, I’ll be watching this week to see the various, entirely noble and positively saintly members of the Coronation Street community as they gather to throw shade on Fiz and Ty… this isn’t going to be pretty.


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6 Responses to Because John’s in the Merry-times

  1. lovethestreet says:

    Thanks for the update, Mare. Any chance you can get your father to co-write sometime? The site you run is hilarious!

    • Mare says:

      Thanks! I read him your comment, and his exact words were “OH GODFREY, really?” followed by laughter.

      I don’t think he believes people actually read his tumblr. Sure, it might be only 6 or so… but still, people not related to him read his tumblr!

  2. Bea says:

    Fay with the mysterious bio dad. This is another rerun. Ryan had the same story line, and they didn’t even persue it.

  3. eps says:

    Why doesn’t Tyrone suggest the cops talk to Kirsty’s mother? Sounded to me like Kirsty gave her mother’s story when she was talking to the cops in the hospital – though Ty didn’t hear it he does know the family history. I am very surprised by Eileen and Dee-drah; Julie is just being her usual superficial squirm-into-the-center-of-the-drama self.

    • robin says:

      I agree with the Kirsty mom comment. Even if Tyrone doesn’t know all the family history, she at least saw how Kirsty was unstable after ruby was born. I think deep down her mom knows she has issues

  4. Mare says:

    Actually, Dad has been saying the same thing about Kirsty’s mum for a couple of weeks. He reckons that is how Tyrone will eventually be freed of the charges, that her Mum will step forward and speak to the abuse. But there will still be the lying to police that will have to be dealt with – not going to be pretty.

    It is interesting, however, and shows the prejudice in the system against men who are abused. I think most would react basically like Kevin, saying “why did you take that?” but what if you hit her back, then you’ve hit a woman and consider how well that would go over with the authorities. They’re showing really well how men in this position must be stuck between a rock and a hard place… even when the woman doesn’t lie about being abused in order to exact a complicated revenge scheme.

    And Kirsty changing the locks? NOT YOUR HOUSE, LADY!

    Eileen’s turn is pretty shocking. And especially since the walls are paper thin so they should have been able to hear who was doing the threatening, right? Dad has only one word to say regarding Eileen, and he says it every time she finishes with a hateful bit: “toaster.”

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