I Guess We Should Mention This

We don’t usually mention the personal lives of our fave Corrie actors on this blog, opting instead to focus on the show itself but every now and again, a story comes about that we can’t really ignore. On Friday, it was the second item on CBC Radio One’s World Report, right after the meteor over Russia. It’s already been mentioned in the comments so we might as well deal with it here.

If you noticed Kevin Webster is absent from your screens in the coming weeks, it’s because Michael Le Vell, the actor who portrays him, has been dropped from the show pending the outcome of his legal issues. 

These issues are the result of criminal charges including the rape of a child, indecently assaulting a child, and sexual activity with a child.

There were similar allegations in 2011 but were dropped due to lack of evidence. These new charges relate to that same case.

I’ll reserve comment on the issue as it’s now an issue for the courts and he is due his fair trial. I’ll only say that I hope it isn’t true but there is the possibility that Kevin Webster may no longer be a part of Coronation Street.



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2 Responses to I Guess We Should Mention This

  1. Tvor says:

    I’m not going to pass judgement at this point, but I think this will ruin his career no matter what happens.

  2. John says:

    I agree. In either outcome, the old saying, “You can’t unring a bell,” I think applies here.

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