Update for the Week Ending February 15, 2012. You’re Poorer than You Think


This is the week Lewis’s plan all came together. After convincing Gail to borrow against her house to help finance his fictional business opportunity in Tuscany, and convincing the street that they were a couple, he then learned Gail’s banking details but just needed her password. Luckily, he was able to shrink his molecules to fit under the desk in Nick’s back office where he overheard Nick and Kylie exposition their tryst and possible pregnancy for his benefit. He then turned this info into an opportunity for him to gain Gail’s password in exchange for not blackmailing Kylie.

Kylie provided the password, “Bethany2000,” which was slightly harder than Nick’s password, “Nick.”

Then he told Gail to pack a bag and that they would announce their plans to leave Weatherfield to the family. Well, Gail was on time for the big announcement but Lewis could only appear in the form of a DVD he left for them in which he mixed himself a belini and told Gail that he, and all her money, was out of here. And all because she ruined his life with Audrey.

He pledged his undying love to Audrey and told Kylie she’d have a future if she ditched her weasel-faced husband. And kudos to Jack P. Shepherd for making an actual weasel face at that moment. But Lewis kept his promise and didn’t spill Kylie’s secret.

He also left Gail with nothing but an angry family and 500 jars of olives. He also left a bouquet of flowers on Audrey’s doorstep and the money he owed her which she did not share with Gail. Gail is now intending to raise David’s rent but may well lose her house.

Jenna lost her job but has a friend in Sophie Webster but their first date at the Bistro doesn’t go so well what with Mandy there giving them daggers. Mainly she blames Sophie for Jenna losing her job but she’s also not so keen on the gay thing. But Sophie does give Jenna the “it gets better” speech and helps her in her coming out but as a couple? Naw, I don’t that’s happening.

Sylvia came back from America, claiming to be fed up with being told to have a nice day and the unbridled enthusiasm for anything, regardless of merit. But in reality, she was dumped by Napoleon Solo (I know his name is Milton but I’m calling him by his Man from U.N.C.L.E. name because it’s cooler).

In other news, Tracey got brought on at the factory but only as an apprentice in the packing department under Kirk. Fortunately for Tracey, Kirk is a kind and patient mentor.

The Maria/Marcus flat now contains Ozzy the dog and Darryl the Rat, as well as Beth, Kirk, and Craig.

Tyrone was supposed to have a official scheduled visit with Ruby but Kirsty claimed she was sick at the last minute. When he saw an obviously well child with her mum in the street he attempted to hold her but Kevin pulled him off, warning him he’d violate his bail conditions.

But Tyrone thinks he may have a plan to see Ruby but it will likely be wrong.



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6 Responses to Update for the Week Ending February 15, 2012. You’re Poorer than You Think

  1. Bea says:

    There’s an expression there are 2 kinds of people
    1. Those who learn from the mistakes of others
    2. The others.
    Gail is definitely one of the others.

  2. S. Poole says:

    Great to see Sylvia is back, the line about Roy standing with a sausage in his hand was almost Blanche worthy. Her description of American culture and telly was good too.

    Come on Ty, you seen where kidnapping a kid got Becky. Loved the fact Kiley was not grassed up by Lewis, her character is growing into a favourite.

    Sophie and Jenna is not working for me. I also have to say Marcus would seek slightly more intelligent conversation than Maria having listened to Sean for years.

  3. wilhelminathethird says:

    If Sylvia has returned to help us survive Hayley’s leaving, then I must applaud and shout Bravo. If you check out the blogroll on the right “Blanche’s Polish Hip”, she does a hilarious comparison between Coronation Street and Downton Abbey!! Sylvia is indeed Blanche-worthy………….

  4. eps says:

    Just saw this on a Facebook site:
    Full set of mechanics tools and
    and overalls (pound) 500 ono
    Contact Sally Webster
    No. 4 Coronation Street
    Tel. 0161 775577

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