Update for the Week Ending February 22, 2013. The Oscar Edition

And the Award for Best Performance as a Abused Spouse Goes to Kirsty Soames!

This week, Kirsty’s convincing portrayal of a battered wife convinced half the street and it didn’t help matters when Tyrone came up with a plan to kidnap Ruby and set off with Fizz and Hope for Ireland. They got as far as the ferry dock when they saw some cops checking the cars and decided to take off somewhere. They managed to find a B&B in Wales without a working TV or WiFi so the landlady didn’t know their faces were splashed all over the news.

It was a dumb move and even dumber was Kevin’s plan to help them but he felt he had no choice when Ty played the “You slept with my wife. You owe me.” card. So he concocted a story that he fell asleep on the couch (He took over for Sophie so she could go out with Jenna) and Ty must have sneaked in and stolen Ruby. Well, the cop wasn’t buying it and neither was Sally.

But all this had lead to some tension between Katy and Chesney. Katy feels she’s being lumped in with Fizz and doesn’t feel Ches is being supportive.

And Tina gave Norris a righteous dressing down in the Rovers.

And the Award for Best Dance Routine (Tap) Goes to … Anthony Cotton!

And The Award for Most Convincing Former Gay goes to Marcus!

It’s all too much Chez Maria/Marcus with the overcrowding in their flat so they ask Kirk, Beth, Craig, and Darryl the Rat to leave. Beth tries to make amends by cooking a fry up and taking everyone out to Canal St (Craig and Darryl stayed home). Suddenly Maria wasn’t all that keen to be in Marcus’ old stomping grounds and stormed out. He eventually met up with Sean and they had a chat but Marcus confirmed that the Canal St scene just wasn’t him any more. He went home to Maria and told her that the labels don’t matter and all that matter was that he loved her. Indeed, it’s like Ellen Degeneres said:

“I don’t like to label people. The only thing I label is my lunch in the refrigerator here at work. I write ‘lesbian’ on it. That way everybody knows it’s mine.”

And the Award for best First Time Homebuyer goes to David and Kylie Platt

David and Kylie decided to put Gail in the “Box Bedroom” now that she is going to be their lodger but that meant that she was not longer going to be taking Max to school or doing any of their laundry which is as it should be, really.

And the Award for Other News goes to Other News

Faye has been sneaking out to see her dad who appears to be on the level but I’m sure there’s a shoe to be dropped somewhere.

Sylvia is back from America and claims her purse has gone missing but something doesn’t add up but then, telling the truth isn’t her strong suit.

And now, apropos of nothing, here’s a gif of Canadian mass:





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13 Responses to Update for the Week Ending February 22, 2013. The Oscar Edition

  1. corrierrules says:

    Once again an excellent post. We are so spoiled (but not spoiler-ed). So I guess I am a very bad person because it fills my heart with unbridled joy to see Kirsty so miserable. Yes, Ty and Fiz you have done a very, very stupid thing but every cloud has a silver lining — Kirsty is in agony. And the silver lining re Gail: it also makes me happy to see David and Kylie realize they will have to live without hot and cold running childcare and ironed shirts.

    • Juders says:

      I don’t feel Kirsty is in agony…I think if left alone for a moment she’d be twirling her moustache like Dick Dasterly and grinning an evil grin…IMO

      • Mark Daye says:

        I agree. She’s always pawning off baby Ruby to someone else to look after. She is completely using that baby as a pawn and she is an evil woman. I can’t believe they came up with a character I could hate more than Sally Webster.

  2. Gayle says:

    What I don’t get is why all of a sudden Kirsty and Eileen are bezzy mates? Tyrone is getting stupider by the day why in hell did he not withdraw money out of his bank account BEFORE he left. I felt sorry for those little kids squeezed into teeney, tiny bedroom. What kind of life would they have had. I really, really wish this storyline would wrap and and Tryone find some happiness for once.

  3. Mark Daye says:

    In your post you say: “They managed to find a B&B in Wales without a working TV or WiFi so the landlady didn’t know their faces were splashed all over the news.” However, what the landlady said was that the TV wasn’t working in THEIR room, and you could here the TV in her living room in the background. So, I suspect that sometime very soon (especially now that they are staying another night) that she will see them on her local news program.

    • Bea says:

      Oh the suspense. Of course, we know they are going to get caught. I hope they don’t all go to jail. But I really think they will. ;o(

  4. S. Poole says:

    Enjoying the Gail vs. D & K scenes, never thought I’d say that.

    And Eileen getting so close to the Evil One, not liking that in the least, let Julie, Sally and Norris end up with egg on their face, not somewhat stable folk like Eileen.

  5. Juders says:

    If anyone should know the “you don’t know whats going on behind these doors” routine it should be Eileen with everything she went thru with Paul’s wife. She was falsely accused as well. And why doesn’t anyone ever mention about Kirstey having been a cop, with training on how to take down a subject..and how she’d know how to manipulate the system. I can’t keep yelling at my t.v. people! The neighbours are going to start to wonder about me lol

    • eps says:

      You hit the proverbial nail on the head re: Eileen. It just doesn’t ring true to me that she would suddenly believe the worst of Ty and then accept everything Kirsty spews.

  6. Karen says:

    Love seeing the actors in different roles, Sean doing that tap routine, who knew? Excellent stuff.

  7. Bea says:

    I had to yell at the tv again. Anna is Fay’s mother (by adoption). But, Owen is not anything but Anna’s partner. He has no legal right to say anything about how Anna raises Fay.

  8. Karen says:

    agreed, I’m glad Anna made it clear to him in a choice between Faye and Owen, Faye wins; as it should be! Hoping they resolve the Tyrone/Kirsty story line in favour of Tyrone soon, I have difficulty watching him go through this. I think she is starting to believe her lies!

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