Update for the week ending March 1.


This week Fizz and Tyrone’s escape to the country came to an end when Fizz, on the urging of Chesney, gave them up to the police. However, she didn’t count on Tyrone getting arrested for that outstanding assault charge. But clearly, something had to be done and now we await Tyrone’s court date and for the truth to come out. Fortunately both Peter and Carla seem to be in their corner with a sensible “The Ty I know wouldn’t hit anyone.”

Sylvia, it turns out, was gambling away her money in an attempt to pay Milton for her new hip (his daughter was involved, but I forget how). After failing to get her money back, Roy used his card counting techniques and the law of probability to win back her money, which he did successfully.

It was finally decided that Tim would be allowed to see Faye, under Anna’s supervision after he threatened to go for custody due to Owen’s volatile nature (what with the smashing of her laptop and beating her before). But then he hears of work down in Kent and decides he’ll have to go. Faye then overhears how Jason wants a new builder to help at the Rovers so grabs his “help wanted” card to give to Tim.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but so far Tim seems alright. Maybe this is simply a story about the complex emotions that occur when a biological parent and child find one another.

Jenna is moving in with Mandy and Lloyd so the flat is being cleared of stuff. Unfortunately, Steve inadvertently grabbed a box containing Mandy and Jenna’s much loved pet turtle.

Chez Platt, things got even funnier when David and Kylie suddenly were responsible for the busted boiler. Gail suggested the yellow pages for a repairman. “What the hell are the yellow pages?” Kylie asked.

But the it all got very serious when Gail found her banking details written in Kylie’s hand and we were left with Gail asking her why. On Monday, will we find out?

Oh, and Katy’s friends find Ryan (who is starting a DJ gig with the help of Chesney’s van) attractive. Katy retorted that she never thought of him in the way.

And now she will.

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11 Responses to Update for the week ending March 1.

  1. Bea says:

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Kylie.

    • John says:

      I do feel sorry for Kylie except that she could have been nicer to Gail for the past two weeks, given that it was partially her doing that put Gail in this position. If I was feeling that guilty I wouldn’t have been so quick to shove her in the box bedroom.

  2. Gayle says:

    I LOVE the photo of the little turtle!

  3. corrierrules says:

    It seems Gail is well entrenched in that box bedroom. I thought she had wheedled her way into staying at Nick’s. (He said yes, then Leanne told him to say no). Was there a scene where Nick had to tell him mum it was no go? If so I must have missed it…

    • S. Poole says:

      Yes, Leanne laid down the law for Nick who then reneged on his offer to Gail. (why should she accept Gail in their flat when she made no attempt to attend their wedding!?)
      Maybe David is the son with the spine in that family after all. 😉

      Still enjoying the scenes involving the new home owners and Gail, and yes, feeling for Kylie this week.

      Need more Dennis and Ken, they have been MIA lately.

      Seeing the way he looked at the two of them when Faye was hugging her mom I get the impression Tim may also be interested in Anna, if only to rub Owen’s nose in it for being a bully. Owen really is the second coming of Charlie Stubbs, right down to messing Jason about.

  4. Bea says:

    Now I’m starting to feel sorry for Flash the turtle. ;o(

  5. Wild Rover says:

    I still can’t figure out when David and Kylie bought the house.

    • John says:

      I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened yet. Gail still owns it but will not have the money to pay the home equity loan when that bill comes due. I assume whatever profit she would have made in that sale would have gone to that loan. But they’re acting as though the sale already happened.

      • eps says:

        Yeah, I haven’t understood why Gail is letting K and D run roughshod over her since they haven’t yet signed on the proverbial dotted line. Yet another hole in the storyline logic.

  6. Bea says:

    I have a feeling we are leading up to Owen leaving. Being replaced by Fay’s bio dad. This is just a wag, so I am not revealing anything. Just a feeling. ;o-

  7. Wild Rover says:

    Oh, if only we could all be as blameless as Gail.

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