Update for the Week Ending March 14, 2013. Katy Lives in Grecoville


Katy’s been feeling down. A teenage mum doesn’t have much room for a social life and, without giving voice to it, she was missing out on the normal
things teenagers do like parties and shopping and taking inappropriate lovers.

She decided she needed a life outside the house so, like her Maritimer cousins across the ocean, got her dream job of working in a donair shop (or doner, as they call it over there). This meant getting closer to Ryan whom she never fancied.

However, when her friends took notice of his appealing qualities, like the fact that his DNA is equal parts abdominal muscles and Captain Jack Harkness, she saw him in a new light, namely the one from the heat lamps of Prima Doner where they shared a snog. This gave her too many feels so she quit her job but Ches had a word, in an effort to be the new, understanding Ches, went to talk Dev who made a big deal about how he was doing her a favour by letting her have her job back at his grotty little doner shop. Really, Dev’s surely must see it is they who are doing Dev a favour by not declaring a class war.

Eva will never know what life as a kept woman is like given that her ticket to ride expired right there in the Rovers (in the same spot where Ray Langton died, as I recall). Gloria was quite keen to hear of his will but the lot when to the heretofore never mentioned wife. So Eva convinced Gloria to pawn the expensive jewellery he gave them to pay for his funeral.

Flash the Tor-Toys lives! Turns out he survived his trip to the tip but Mandy decided to make Lloyd suffer for lying to her and attempting to swap pets. So he ended up with a face full of fake ashes.

Gail’s living at Sally’s so she can keep herself from telling David about Kylie and the baby what may not be his. But she did tell Sally. At this point, David’s going to be walking down the street and wondering why everyone is looking at him funny.

Paul is going to do a Full Monty thing for charity. I don’t think it will be broadcast.

Karl’s been stalking Stella and things got a little intense in the Rovers so she kicked him out. The next night she called for a cab from the brewery and Karl showed up, locked in her the car and sped off. On Monday, we’ll find out where they’re going.


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5 Responses to Update for the Week Ending March 14, 2013. Katy Lives in Grecoville

  1. Bea says:

    I may have to take back what I said about Owen, and I hate when that happens. He may be the better father figure for Fay after all. I still think that Owen is a bully, and way too heavy handed, but he did seem genuinly concerned about the way that (can’t rember his name) her dad was brushing off the school play so casually. I would hate to have Owen for a dad, but I guess you could do worse. Poor Fay. All she wants is a connection.

  2. eps says:

    Watching Monday night’s episode – finally Kirsty’s mother is in the scene. I have been yelling at Fiz and Ty for weeks, “Call Kirsty’s mother!” Commercial is over, back to the action. Hope Jason doesn’t find out and misunderstand re: Stella being with Karl. Why didn’t she tell him what was going on?

    • eps says:

      Bahh, Kirsty’s mother attempting to assuage her guilt about being a lackluster, non-protective mother by being a lackluster, non-protective grandmother; reinforcing her daughter’s behavior learned from abusive father. Poor Ruby. History, repeat thyself.
      Ty’s the only one truly willing to put Ruby first.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    I guess I don’t care much about the Stella-Karl storyline. Whenever they are on the screen, I find myself thinking “she should stop wearing beige; it washes her out”.

  4. eps says:

    Ha! At least you keep watching and thinking. I immediately start playing Snood on my laptop

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