Update for the Week Ending March 22. You Done Too Much, Much Too Young

This week, Eileen showed her jealous side when she learned that Paul’s friend Tony at the Fire Hall was actually Toni, short for Antonia (which led a confused Julie to ask about her sex change). So they went to the Fire Hall to see if he was, in fact, having an affair. Suddenly it turned into a bit of French farce with them hiding in the closet but Julie’s claustrophobia got the better of her and they spilled out, embarrassing Paul and giving Toni a right laugh.

It turns out he was sneaking off with Toni but only because she was helping him buy an engagement ring so after they made up, he proposed right there in the Rovers.

So after all these years Eileen is to be married.

Karl got super creepy when he kidnapped Stella in the cab but she laid it all out for him: it’s over. They are not to be friends. He is to keep his distance. When it all comes out (thanks, Gloria), he’s fired from Streetcars, banned from Dev’s, barred from the Rovers (not sure if he’s allowed to buy his Curly Wurly and Daily Mail from Rita). But he does get some work with Owen, who has his own reasons to hate Jason.

When Jason learns of some work for him and Tim from the council, Karl steals and torches his van. So no work for Jason and Tim from the Council with no van. Peter urges Jason to be careful with the accusations against Karl but Jason says he has proof: Karl smiles every time he denies having anything to do with the van.


Back at Greco Donair, Katy is giving the cold shoulder to Ryan and Ryan is dating her friend (Steph?). Steph also meets Tracey who is, as Katy describes her, “the ex-wife of Ryan’s mum’s boyfriend” who did time for murder and when Katy tells Steph (?) about Ryan’s drug use, it’s the end of the road for Ryan and Steph.

Ryan confronts Katy about it, saying she still has feelings for him and that she reminds him of that song from ancient times, “You done too much, much too young. Now you’re married with a kid when you could be having fun with me.”

(Not the first time this song has been referenced. Tommy and Angela Harris put it on the stereo and reminisced about their ska days as they fretted over their children, Craig and the late … Katy Harris.)

And Besse Street School put on Annie and Faye lied about the number of seats parents could buy.




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  1. lovethestreet says:

    I liked Gary tonight. That’s all.

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