Update for the Week Ending March 29, 2013.

Busy hiding Easter eggs this weekend with the Easter Bunny so here’s a quick recap of what happened:

Katy was all set to start a thing with Ryan but then thoughtless Chesney, who, at the urging of his sister, has decided to grow up a little and ask her to marry him. Everyone was happy for them, except Gary who saw them in the broken down van and sussed something was up.

But eventually, Chesney did find out they’d been seeing each other and Gary gave Ryan a punch in the face. Chesney, meanwhile, asked Katy to leave but Fizz tried to talk him around. Really, as betrayals go, this one rates a 3 for this show’s standards.

Gail is driving Sally crazy so she lied and told her she was taking Sophie to the Bistro for a Mum/Daughter dinner but they ended up at Greco Donair (I KNOW IT’S CALLED PRIMA DONER) where they were joined by Jenna for a hilarious conversation about Sally’s attempt to relate to her daughter by admitting she once found Chris Evert Lloyd attractive.


Who could blame Sally, really? Sally Webster: P-FLAG Mum of the Year.

A plumbing mishap and Karl’s interference lead to a power outage in the pub which gave us a pub night by candlelight and Rita’s singing. It was a moment of reflection as the Rovers they all knew and loved would soon be forever changed because really, the big story this week was the fire that Karl started in the Rovers’ cellar.

Sunita and Dev got back together and made plans to run away together. But Stella put doubt in Dev’s ear about whether she truly loved him. Dev confronted her about this and she admitted that she didn’t know how she felt, deep down. So he said it was over. Sunita got drunk at the Bistro’s Fully Monty night and confronted “St. Stella” about ruining her marriage. Stella decided she had enough and went back to the Rovers for a bath.

Karl, not knowing she was there, finished his striptease (don’t ask) and climb out a window in the Bistro’s back room and sneaked into the pub with a set of stolen keys. He put down some papers and gasoline and lit a match, just as Sunita , who followed him, asked him what he was doing. And we’ll have to see what happens on Monday.

So the Rovers is on fire and Stella’s in the tub. It’s going to be a big week on CBC next week and I’ll be on vacation for a week in Florida starting Friday so I won’t be back to recap this week but I will publish a post just for the fire so you can discuss the episodes there.


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5 Responses to Update for the Week Ending March 29, 2013.

  1. S. Poole says:

    And just like that I sort of understood all the hate for Stella on the inter webs. And the beige, there was always the beige. 🙂

  2. eps says:

    yet another fire? Gee, that’s becoming all too common on the street. I’ve been trying to count up how many fires I’ve seen in the past few years.

    On a lighter note – so pleased to see “our Becky” on PBS’ “Mr. Selfridge”. She is Lady Mae and does the character quite well.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, Becky’s Lady Mae is perfect! Party girl in her youth, now refined lady with great clothes and hats! Perfect!

  3. mare says:

    I’ll do the sunday recap!

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