Hey folks. Gonna be in Florida this weekend for a week so posting’s gonna be non-existent on my end for the next little while but I know we all want to discuss the Rovers fire so I’ll leave this here all comments relating to the fire and its aftermath.

In Britain, this event was well advertised but we tend to avoid spoilers on this blog so we didn’t talk about it, even though it was fairly well telegraphed last week. But if you lived in Britain you would have known for ages that the Rovers was going to burn down.

The reason is that they are building a brand new, bigger and better Corrie set in Salford and the pub’s new look would need an explanation.

Not the first time there’s been a fire there but this time, it’s definitely the worst.

So…what’s going to happen now?

(image source)


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2 Responses to Fire!

  1. Wild Rover says:

    Well, to start with, business is going to pick up at the bistro.

  2. barbee says:

    Corrie is not only going to win TV awards, they should win “recycler of the decade”!

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