Update for the week ending April 6, 2013

Hi all, John’s in Florida enjoying sunnier weather than we have here in NB right now, so I’ll be doing your update this week.  I guess this is where I should post a parenthetically relevant video to the content. 

Here you go: http://youtu.be/Y47G-Wa4qfs

(I don’t know how to embed them cause I’m not cool like that)

Also apologies as it’s cheerleading season and I missed the Thursday night show, and didn’t have a chance to get it on the omnibus edition because I had to take the cheerleading pictures into work for the yearbook deadline… and I don’t have a PVR.  Dad filled me in on Thursday’s show though.

Let’s start with the fire, shall we?  So last week ended on the cliffhanger with Karl having started the CG flames in the Rovers’ basement, only to be discovered by Sunita.  Naturally, Kreepy Karl and Sunita argue, during which he pushes her down the stairs and then runs away.  Back to the Full Monty at the Bistro, and when he comes in Paul gives him the side-eye.  Did Paul smell accelerant or smoke on Karl?  We don’t know, because just as the lads are about to doff their kit Norris runs into the Bistro to announce that the Rovers is on Fire.  He and Emily had discovered the flames, and had gotten Tracy (who went back in for poor Eccles) out of the Barlows’.  So everyone runs down the street to see the fire… and Stella appears in the window! 

Now, I don’t know what kind of bath Stella was taking, but I don’t think I would be so relaxed that I didn’t hear fire alarms or smell smoke.  She did have candles and music, I admit.  But still.  REALLY?

My Dad also questioned the strength of her window.  Did they rebuild the Rovers with shatterproof glass after the last fire? 

Anyway, so Karl goes in to rescue her of course, but cannot break the window so is determined to die at her side.  Again, Kreepy Karl, pins Stella to the floor and whispers sweet nothings in her ear about their inevitable demise. 

Meanwhile, out in the street everyone is flipping out at the firefighters, Toni and Paul – who have no equipment and no backup.  After Gloria accuses Paul of wilfully letting her daughter die (and after they find a ladder) he and Toni go in after Stella, and then Karl.  Toni gets Karl out, but the floor collapses from the fire.  Toni!  We hardly knew you, and yet you were awesome.

Meanwhile, Sunita has managed to regain consciousness and drag herself into the pub… where she is found by the emergency crews on their arrival and evacuated.  She is unconscious in hospital with Dev mooning at her side.

After the fire, Paul’s got survivor’s guilt at Toni’s death… or is it more?  John and I are split on that.  Eileen, meanwhile, is freaking out because apparently she never realized what a firefighter actually does for a living.  Seriously, Eileen, what did you think it was?  Getting kittens out of large trees?

Karl is now the hero of the day, with everyone coming around to thank him for saving Stella’s life.  Except for Jason, who points out that Karl is sneaky and sly, and probably set the fire in the first place.  Hm, ya think?  Meanwhile, the investigators (while first thinking it was the electrial box) have determined it was arson, and they like Sunita as a suspect.  Nobody knows why Sunita was in the Rovers, after all… 

In other news, Katy brought baby Joseph around for a visit with Chesney, and it was only mildly awkward.

Meanwhile, Kirsty is starting to crack under the pressure of taking care of baby Ruby.  I dunno, Kirsty, maybe if you could calm yourself down a bit the baby wouldn’t cry all the time.  But she needs a break and calls Julie – who takes the bawling baby overnight when Kirsty lies about having to take her Mum to hospital.  Tina sees Kirsty peering through the curtains at the fire though…  but when she goes to confront Kirsty about her lie, she gets her back up.  Kirsty later tries to pawn the baby off on Eileen, but is unsuccessful.  Oh no! She’ll have to look after her own baby herself!  

And because one big storyline isn’t enough for the week, Tyrone’s trial started.  Free Tyrone!  But it’s not going so well.  Deirdre sells him down the river, and then Kirsty takes the stand and lies about various incidents of abuse in order to make it appear that she was the one abused in those situations.  Tyrone is quite upset, of course.  Fiz and Tina confronted Kirsty and her Mum outside the courthouse about her blatant and egregious lies, to which Kirsty laughed in their faces and twirled her mustache.

Really, Fiz ought to just keep out of it.  Every time Kirsty starts to crack, Fiz sticks her nose in and Kirsty gets her back up.  Do you think Kirsty would have gone this far if she wasn’t determined to stick it to Fiz as much as to Tyrone?  I’m not so sure…

So next week we’ll see more of Tyrone’s trial (#freetyrone) and more of the man of the hour, Karl.  What lengths will he go to to protect his freedom? 


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12 Responses to Update for the week ending April 6, 2013

  1. Wild Rover says:

    Funny thing about that shatterproof glass in the Rovers – Paul was able to break it with his elbow. I guess it was only shatterproof on the inside.

  2. wilhelminathethird says:

    Dontcha know that our Paul has the Super Powers!! Did you notice, how, when Toni hurled Carl out the window, Paul caught the dead weight with nary a wobble whilst perched on a ladder!

  3. corrierrules says:

    Several comments:
    Yes, I know the character of Sunita had been ruined, but I still felt for her when she awoke in the cellar to find herself surrounded by flames. Terrifying.
    Some have complained about Dev’s acting, but I have found his scenes moving. Especially the scene (before the fire) when he was chatting with Sophie revealing his deep fear of being hurt if he let Sunita know his true feelings.
    Agree about Fiz … I like her as a character, but have found her very annoying of late. Her rudeness to Katy is most unhelpful. Katy made a mistake. So Fiz, John Stape was forgivable after he had an affair with and then kidnapped Rosie? But Katy should sew a big scarlet A on her dress because she played tonsil hockey with Ryan? It would seem that the Fiz pours the milk of kindness only for a select few …

    • Mare says:

      Actually, I’d say that with regards to Fiz and Katy/Chesney, I think they’re actually right on. If someone hurt my brother I’d be cold as heck to them too.

  4. eps says:

    I had this fantasy Friday while watching the show: The UK sets up a coed prison, both Kirsty and Karl get nabbed, sentenced to life and have to share a tiny cell. Preferably the cell would broadcast audio and have glass walls on at least 2 sides to prevent secretive scheming as much as possible. I don’t really see them having any type of mutually satisfying relationship.

  5. Barbee says:

    What an absolutely cracking update! Thank you, Mare. Good recap and pretty much all of your asides were things I thought while watching the episodes. (except for Kirsty twirling her mustache, which made me splutter tea on my keyboard)

  6. Bea says:

    I guess I missed something. Where did Gloria, Eva and Karl move to after the fire at the Rovers? They seem to be living together in a house.

    Also, I thought that Tommy had left the street after he and Tina broke up. But, now all of a sudden he is around again.

    Am I falling asleep during the show and missing things? Or what??

    • eps says:

      I believe Kevin is staying with Sally so Stella, et al., can use # 13. I think that is the number. It was a brief scene.

  7. Bea says:

    what is cross site scripting???

  8. S. Poole says:

    Cracking update. Super Paul indeed, but he still can’t stop that quivering lip when acting upset. Please tell me you can’t really roam the halls of a hospital like that rotten Karl is doing! It has to be a plot device like the invisible kids (e.g. the Webster kids always washing up, Tracy listening to her tapes) and expanding walls in Weatherfield homes. Loving the turn by the chap playing Karl BTW, if not for Kristy he would be up for whack job of the year.

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