Update for the Week Ending April 26. Dear God, Sorry to Disturb You…

This week we saw the sparsely attended memorial service of Sunita Alahan which was also, as it happens, Corrie’s first Hindu funeral.

The state of Sunita’s soul was much on everyone’s mind. Dev worried about how he would explain it to his children as the actions in this life affect the next life. If Sunita truly burned down the Rovers, what would happen to her soul? Simon Barlow, tried to commiserate with Aadi and Asha, noting that he too lost a his mother but then put his foot in it by suggesting that unlike his mum Lucy, Sunita was not likely in Heaven on account of the fact that she is believed to have burned down the Rovers.

This led to a spiritual dilemma for Dev as he had to explain to his children where Sunita fit in in a faith that holds that one’s actions in this life affect how one passes on to the next. It was an interesting week in the Alahan house as, as far as I know, Dev wasn’t particularly devout as a Hindu. Remember when Ciaran started a restaurant in an upstairs flat and Sarah-Lou was his waitress and she accidently gave Dev and Sunita steaks? That was the only time I remember them mentioning their religion, as opposed to Sophie Webster who mentions being “Chris-tee-an” every other week.

(Speaking of Websters, has there been any on screen explanation for Kevin’s absence? If there was, I may have missed it.)

The funeral, in which the Alahans were dressed in white, per Hindu tradition, was a low key and sad affair. Sunita’s family refused to come, saying she brought shame upon the family and Amber couldn’t make it. They tried for a little levity with Steve’s ill-fitting suit but really, I think the writers made a hash out of Shobna Gulati’s departure and she really deserved better than this.

In any case, Karl left us with a cliff hanger by claiming he was responsible for Sunita’s death but Stella believed he was speaking metaphorically. Yes, he metaphorically pulled out her breathing tube.

Still, Jason’s none too chuffed when he learns that Stella and Karl are indeed an item. He has a friend in Leanne, at least, who has a nose for a bad ‘un herself.

Tim has moved to the street and is growing closer to Faye, at Anna’s expense. Faye learned a little more about her background and her Welsh mother. I think this storyline could be an honest look at the complications involved in fostering children but Tim turned a little nasty with Chesney and it makes me wonder if there is more to it with this guy.

Plus it’s led to Anna playing Led Zeppelin in Roy’s Rolls and that’s just upsetting the order of the universe and the fixed points in time the Doctor’s always going on about.

Speaking of Chesney, no, he still hasn’t forgiven Katy.

Fizz is back at the factory.

Eileen and Paul broke up because she doesn’t want him risking his life anymore.

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7 Responses to Update for the Week Ending April 26. Dear God, Sorry to Disturb You…

  1. Wild Rover says:

    I’m not sure that the lack of mention of their faith meant that Dev and Sunita weren’t practising Hindus and believed in the teachings of their faith.

    Apart from Emily and Sophie, none of the Corrie residents mention their religion very much, but they all show up in church for weddings and funerals. And I suspect, if asked, they would say that they believed in god and an afterlife.

    And somebody’s been filling Simon’s head with thoughts of heaven and hell.

    • S. Poole says:

      Simon likely heard mention of a higher power while earwigging on Peter and his 12 step program(s).

      Never was able to buy into the Jason-Stella thing so him being so upset at Karl’s return is leaving me cold.

      More Roy and Sylvia please, less Faye and Tim, thank you very much.

    • Bea says:

      I think a kid with Simon’s life experiences (mother died young, father in 12 step) would naturally be more aware of and curious of the afterlife. Kids tend to ask a lot of questions about such things, then fill in the blanks with their imaginations. ;o-

      • John says:

        I remember when Simon was first brought in, Ken was on a little rant about kids doing, I think, drawings of the Nativity and he called it indoctrination. Simon then asked about the afterlife and if his Mummy was in Heaven like they said and Ken was sort of at a loss.

        Because, to paraphrase Winston Zeddmore, when a five year old asks you if their dead mummy is in Heaven, you say *yes.* * * It has to be said, though, given the disproportionate number of young children who lose their parents on this show, there seem to be a large number of opportunities for the discussion of spiritual concerns.

  2. Emily says:

    I had read somewhere that they were explaining Kevin’s absence by saying that he had left to care for his dad Bill who wasn’t well, but I didn’t actually catch it if they did mention it on-screen.

  3. Ivy Brennen was a church-goer and Catholic. There was an occasion (maybe for her funeral) that the rest of the street visited her church and it was clearly their first time in a Catholic church so I assumed they were all protestant.

  4. Bea says:

    btw, Is Gary falling in love with Tina or just the baby?

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