Update for the Week Ending May 17, 2013. When You’re Broke, Alcohol is Free. Special Eurovision Edition

This week the Rovers reconstruction could have been featured on the television programmes of both Mike Holmes and Gail Vaz-Oxlade. The former because, if workers are doing unpaid worker, one has to wonder if they’re going to be making it right and the latter because Stella ordered several thousand pounds worth of renovations before confirming if the insurance company would pay for it. Either way, she looks primed to sit awkwardly while she takes a scolding on Slice TV.

So Gary isn’t getting paid, nor Owen’s suppliers, nor pregnant Tina who is getting closer to the due date. 

So after bouncing a big ol’ cheque to Owen that even the most generous overdraft protection would not cover, Stella scrambles to raise some money. She turns to Leanne who has a few bob in the bank the sale of her share in Barlow’s Bookies, which is funny because the last place Leanne invested in got burned down for the insurance money. Leanne agrees to “invest” in the pub (read: pay Owen) on one condition: Stella chuck Karl. But Stella won’t have it.

“Ah love ‘im!” she protests and decides to come clean to Owen about the insurance money. Owen clears the builders out but later decides to start salvaging the work he did. When he is caught by Stella and Karl, and confrontation ensues and we end the week with Owen brandishing a crowbar before Karl’s skull.

“Go on,” Karl taunts him. “Do it.”

And if you listened closely, you could hear all of Canada chanting the same thing.

Also, Eva went off on holiday with a friend in Ibiza with a little spending money from Gloria:


Speaking of the bookies, Carla bought Leanne’s share and brought her brother Rob in as “Restructuring Consultant” or some such job title that doesn’t sound like you don’t do much but for some reason it earns more than anyone else in the office (I am not talking about my place of work. Not at all). It also involved free coffee which really got up in Sylvia’s business.

So far, Rob’s biggest contribution is adding some more up to date TVs and a new sign in the Battlestar Galactica font.

No, seriously:

“There may yet be Brothers of Man…”

To be honest, the whole Bookies storyline left me with this one thought:

Sylvia was given a two year old letter from her ex-husband, St. John who would like to get in touch with Roy. Roy has never described his childhood as happy so we’ll see where this all goes.

David and Kylie have learned the sex of the baby at the ultrasound (it’s a secret) but it made it all very real for every one involved, including Nick who may be the father. David is also being very supportive by taking Kylie’s shifts at the Bistro.

Paul has decided to take Eileen and Jason down to London to meet his new “son-in-law” Todd. Paul doesn’t understand how marriage works. He would be his step-son. 



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2 Responses to Update for the Week Ending May 17, 2013. When You’re Broke, Alcohol is Free. Special Eurovision Edition

  1. Mare says:

    So…. where’s Glo getting the money then?

  2. eps says:

    John, I am consistently impressed by not only your updates but also your sense of humour and the additional bits you add, e.g., videos, pictures, etc. I’ve been missing some episodes due to the hockey playoffs – how many months does this last, anyway? Every year it seems to go on for a very long time. Your updates have been a great help.

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