Update for the week ending May 24

Quick one today folks as it’s turning out to be a busier Sunday than normal.

Because, um, crowbar.

You know those weeks that start off and you’re brandishing a crowbar at some creep’s head and it ends with an offer to buy half the pub of the creep’s fiancé? Owen’s having one of those weeks. Stella figures having Owen buy half the the pub would get her out of the hole and Owen sort of figures a bank loan borrowed against the value of the pub would allow him to pay his workers’ wages.

But Owen sees Stella celebrating (on Glo’s money) with pricey wine and decides he’s being made a fool of so the deal’s off. So Stella takes a job as as the Bistro’s second full time cleaner because if you need a quick 15,000, the best way to get it is through a minimum wage job. There’s a funny bit of a business with Gail getting all territorial over the mops. The few times I worked in restaurants, our cleaning staff also doubled as the wait and kitchen staff so I think Nick is just being overly generous for his mum and mum-in-law. Meanwhile, Stella’s reconsidering that loan offer from Leanne.

Meanwhile, all work and no play can cause epileptic seizures as poor David found out when he was caring for Max and Joseph. Shortly after he fell to the ground, Max had the good sense to call his uncle Nick who quickly found them and everyone was ok. Later, Sally wondered aloud if David should be caring for children, given his condition. Nick countered that David is very good with children (and he is, actually. As a character, he’s come a long way since he was the son of Satan). Sally countered that Nick is particularly close where Kylie is concerned and told him she knew all about his little predicament but promised not to tell. But, you know, holy crap Sally.

Izzy found out about the £200 Gary took out of their account to pay for Tina’s dad’s ring and confronts him about his feelings for her. He denies it but a drunken reunion with his squaddie pals, and their drooling over pictures of Tina, leads him to make a drunken pass at Tina (I think, the PVR cut the end off the end of the show).

Tim is losing interest in being a dad to Faye so she’s eating take out food and going to school unprepared. But Faye isn’t really ready to go back with Anna just yet.

Chesney is still insisting on being, as we say back home, a big sook about Katy and is losing any goodwill I may have kept for the guy. Time to bring Ms. S. Tinker back into the picture.





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5 Responses to Update for the week ending May 24

  1. Bea says:

    Call me a hopeless romantic, but I want Chez and Katy to get back together. Oh, and I also want Karl to die. Two things that probably will not happen. ;o-

  2. lovethestreet says:

    I want Karl to be rehired at Streetcars, then be exposed as a liar-thief-cheat-arsonist-murderer, then get sacked again. And then die.

  3. fondue123 says:

    Can someone tell me, what is wrong with David’s face? The area around his mouth is pretty consistently covered in a rash or something, and has been for a few years…very unattractive. Sorry if this seems insensitive, but wow, what’s going on?

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