Open thread for the week ending June 7. WWBS: What Would Betty Say?

Hey folks. No update this weekend as my folks are in town and Mare is busy with the end of school year.

So Rob and Tracey, Roy and Hayley, Karl and Stella, Gary and Tina, Ches and Sinead, and the Return of the Rovers Return. What did you think?

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3 Responses to Open thread for the week ending June 7. WWBS: What Would Betty Say?

  1. Bea says:

    It’s only a matter of time til Rob and Tracy get caught. They have one brain cell between them. I think Chez and Katy are going to be the off again-on again couple. Gary and Tina will end up together. What a mess!

    • barbee says:

      No kidding! And Peter certainly has Tracy’s number! Carla must feel really guilty about her relationship with Rob for her to lose her clever mind this time.
      Rob “is it true you murdered your ex?” & Tracy “I’ve never murdered anyone I really liked”! They deserve each other, but not 20,000 pounds worth of silk!
      I don’t think Gary & Tina will end up together – Tina really seems to be repelled by him physically. But it is a mess.
      Ches, Katy and Ryan – still boring.

  2. CanadaK says:

    WWBD? LOVE it! and love that she lives on in the new incarnation of the Rovers Return. How much longer can Karl keep his dirty little secret, the scoombag!

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