Update for the week ending, June 14. The Case for Baby J

The first time I ever heard of a surrogate pregnancy was in the 1980s. As I recall, it came to light because the surrogate mother wanted to keep the child. You can read about it here

. They even made a movie about it which starred Dabney Coleman and everything. I was thinking about this because this is the week the surrogacy story reached its defining moment and it reminded me of this case. As I read about it, I realized that the case had some similarities with this plot: the wife had a disability that prevented her from giving birth safely and the woman who did carry the child wanted custody. The difference is that the Sterns were a little more stable than Izzy and Gary and Tina’s surrogacy was gestational, rather than traditional.

This week, Tina went into labour right there in the middle of the Rovers’ grand re-opening (and ruining Gloria’s big night in the process) but unlike the 98,647 other children born on this show, the baby was delivered in hospital by medical professionals. The baby, however, was two months premature and was quickly placed into an incubator and there is still some concern over whether he’d make it. Big tough Owen even broke down over it.

Izzy has dumped Gary over his pass at Tina, as well as the fact that it’s Tina he feels close to, not her. During this time, Tina grew closer with Tommy and decided that it’s better for the baby that she keep him instead of Izzy, whom she felt could not handle a baby on her own without Gary. Izzy and Gary did declare a truce long enough to name the baby Jake, which Tina thinks is an awful name. Tina, of course, speaks baby and knows the child has named himself Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

But where is this all heading? To court, probably.

Meanwhile, back at the New!Rovers, what do you think? I think it looks … nice? But I can’t tell the difference. I’m glad it’s back though. All those heart to hearts in the Bistro made me feel like I was watching some other show.

Also, we did get the Rovers first good line when drunk!Sally, tired of Norris’s moralizing about Tina, called him a “nasty little bald elf.”

Sally is also looking for love on the internet (hey, it worked for me!) so Sophie and Jenna helped her write an ad. She’s already getting responses.

But will her date be a dream, or a dud?

Dev is still dealing with Aadi and Asha who are having issues in the playground (with Amy Barlow, no less). Brian calls him and Steve in to let them know and encourages Dev to talk to them about what People Have Been Saying About Mummy. He tells them that he no longer believes, despite what the police say, that she burned down the Rovers and he is going to make it his mission in life to prove her innocence. This announcement gets zero support from his friends. If Sophie was there, she’d have his back.

Rob and Tracy arranged to steal several bolts of silk from the factory and sell it. Carla found out about it and fired both of them but stopped short of sending her brother back to jail, even after he taunted her about her poor upbringing as “that girl with the one pair of shoes.” Rob went to collect his wages but Peter deducted expenses like the coffee machine, leaving with 100 quid which he bet on Wrath of Khan to win, which it did which got Rob 800 quid but then it was disqualified so Rob left with nothing.

Katy moved in with Reye-yun in the ever expanding flat at Michelle and Steve’s. Ryan’s not all that fussed about being responsible but Michelle gave Katy a talk about how she, too, was a teen mum and it wasn’t easy and tried to offer some advice. Katy, being a teenage, only heard *An Old is talking to me. It’s making words. It has no idea what it’s like to be a teen mum as I am the first. It’s still talking. Oh, it’s stopped making words. I should give a response.*

“Yeah, alright.”

*Nailed it.*

Sean and Marcus’s tall friend Ben is back from Canada Australia to get married to a nice Eccles boy and they’re having a reception at the Bistro. He encourages to them bring their significant others and a look passes Marcus’s face that says, “Oh, right. I’m with a woman now.”

Eileen’s beginning to lose sleep worrying about Paul.


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9 Responses to Update for the week ending, June 14. The Case for Baby J

  1. Bea says:

    Go Dev! I am starting to like you again. The old Dev is reemerging. One the one side, a big teddy bear, protective and sensitive – but ruining everything by being an over sexed jerk. A complex kind of guy.
    Speaking of which, does anyone else think that Stella is a bit too interested in Dev’s welfare? Is it just me, or is there trouble on the horizon for Karl?

    Kudos to the kiddos for believing in their mom when no one else does.

    Can’t wait for the next planned wedding. Weddings on Corrie are always a lot of fun. ;o-

    • Bea says:

      oops! ‘On the one side, not One”

    • Mare says:

      Stella and Dev might be a good thing for her.

      Also, a new stylist. For the love of Blanche stop matching her outfits to her hair and skin tone – and enough with the nude lip!

      TY for the update John! 🙂 I am almost done exams, but it’s been a hell of a week.

      (On phone, too lazy to turn on laptop)

  2. lovethestreet says:

    Monday, June 17 (Canadian schedule): Stella was not wearing beige tonight. Repeat: Stella was not wearing beige.

  3. Bea says:

    I seem to remember Craig being on the sidewalk when Sunita and Karl went into the pub before the fire. Can’t quite remember what he saw or heard, but he was around. It was right around the time that Norris gave him heck for tossing a candy wrapper on the ground. It all came back today when he suddenly didn’t want candy when he was in the store. There’s more to that little munchkin than meets the eye, so there is.

  4. eps says:

    Please help me out here. I’m confused. I thought that the reason Tina did the surrogate thing was for the money to pay Tommy’s debts so he didn’t get beaten to death (or whatever). Tommy displayed his appreciation by being a jerk. Now she wants to keep the baby (Who didn’t she THAT coming?) and Tommy is being Mr Support. Won’t the money have to be repaid to Owen. Will Tommy get the beating of his loser life? Was money already paid to whomever Tommy owed? What have I missed?

  5. robin says:

    There was also a scene in the bistro days after the fire where Karl handed Dennis (?) his wallet after he dropped it. It struck with me as I felt it was odd and the camera lingered on Karl handing it back….just seemed very unnecessary in the scene. It may be nothing but it has stuck with me as I wait for the significance to come back….if there was any

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