Update for the week ending June 28, 2013. Canada Day Weekend Edition

This is Karl. All week.

This is Karl. All week.

This week, Dev got closer to truth as Karl tried to talk him out of it and came very close to pulling a Tracy Barlow with Aadi’s golf trophy. But he stopped himself so he ran out and threw up in the ginnel with Beth and Craig (WHO TOTALLY KNOWS, even if he doesn’t know what he knows) as witnesses. And it did not go unremarked that he was wearing gloves and Aadi noticed his trophy moved.

The walls are closing in for ol’ Karl even if he temporarily succeed in getting Dev to back off.

Dev, it’s time to light the signal:


Owen evicted Tina from the flat, leaving her to bunk at Rita Fairclough-Sullivan-Tanner’s Home for Wayward Girls (and their boyfriends) where she plans to keep Owen’s money to pay for the court fees. And that’s another way in which she is so wrong.

Also, she re-named Baby Jake “Joe” in honour of her father because that is so much different from “Jake.”

The are mysterious doings a-transpiring at Roy’s. The current theory is that the café has a poltergeist with OCD because all the ketchup bottles were lined up perfectly. Beth had a bit of fun with a pretend iPhone app that detects ectoplasm, which confused Roy as there is no such thing.


Kylie wants to do something nice for David who’s been working so hard his epilepsy is back. So she conspires with Nick and Gail to arrange a weekend away. David spends the week walking in on conversations and getting suspicious. The he overhears Gail and Kylie talking about, well, every single thing he would not want to hear: that Kylie slept with Nick. On David’s Birthday! And the baby to be may not be his! So this is David on Friday night:


This will be David for the next few weeks:

After learning that Paul saved a young boy’s life, Eileen finally decided that Paul should always talk about his day when he comes home.

When Ryan decided that hooking up with a young single mum was cramping his rock-star-who-lives-with-his-mum-and-her-boyfriend lifestyle, he went to ask a woman woman expert Steve Macdonald. Steve mansplained to him that the best way to get a woman to agree to something is to make her think it was her idea. So Ryan gets the idea that he would suggest to her that it’s too crowded and don’t they feel awful waking up Michelle in the middle of the night? He hopes that Katy will take the hint and move back with Chesney. Katy decides that’s her cue to move into Tina’s now vacant flat that Owen owns and apply for a family discount on the rent.

Tracy and Rob now have the lowest forms of employment possible: Tracy is a telemarketer and Rob is a Repo Man.

I’m going to assume his job isn’t as exciting as Emilio Estevez’s.

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5 Responses to Update for the week ending June 28, 2013. Canada Day Weekend Edition

  1. Bea says:

    Evil David is my favourite David. ;o-

  2. eps says:

    I know there will be at least one new guy on the street as well as some returning characters but as I was listening to Emily I thought how much I’d enjoy seeing Spider once again. He was so good for Emily. I’d love to see him and Norris.

  3. eps says:

    No one in the building heard David trashing Nick’s apt? Beggers belief.

  4. fondue123 says:

    I’m really tired of seeing David act out. I mean, is he supposed to have a split personality or something? Or is he simply unable to cope with life’s ups and downs? Either way, he’s a nasty piece of work right now, and I can’t believe no one has insisted he seek some kind of therapy, even if just on the basis of how he speaks to Gail and Kylie lately.

  5. fondue123 says:

    …and of course, based on past behaviour, one would think Gail at least would be more than worried…

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