Update for the Week Ending August 16. The One Where It All Falls into PLace

This week, David continued his revenge plan by continuing to sow the seeds of distrust between Nick and Leanne. He also sent an anonymous letter to Leanne asking if she knew what her husband was doing Christmas night. I’m so glad David continues to champion the art of letter writing. So many others would have just done it via the Facespaces or whatever.


 Although he did use the internet to write bad Tripadvisor reviews of the Bistro in addition to stealing the float and watering down the drinks.

Kylie thinks it must be someone so obvious that they wouldn’t have considered when it came to light for Nick. “It’s David,” he said to himself.

So he got David alone in the van and came clean and told David what he already knew: He slept with Kylie on Christmas night. So how will David react to that? We’ll find out Monday but do remember that a distressed David and motor vehicles are not a good match.

It seems the racism storyline has wrapped up. First Sophie called to complain about Paul, who had a meeting with his boss about it. Paul thought it was Lloyd who called and got into a fight over it. Jenna was furious with Sophie. But it was all sorted out and Paul did the thing he should have before, which is buy Lloyd a beer and apologize. Lloyd couldn’t drink it as he was working but they did shake hands and it looks like the matter is behind them.

Jenna, meanwhile, told Sophie she can fight her own battles.

Roy and Hayley are off on a relaxing holiday courtesy of Mary’s huge camper van that neither Hayley nor Mary want to do reverse in.

Filling in at the cafe is Jenna. Mandy, who has settled into a permanent state of anger and disapproval, thinks the job is beneath her, given her qualifications but then, her romance with Sophie kind of hurt her medical career. Otherwise, she’d be working at the clinic everyone seems to have forgotten Coronation Street has.

Barlow’s Bookies has now become Barlow’s Buys, a second hand shop offering (mostly) legally obtained merchandise. When Tracy buys a bunch of smartphones from Fat Tony, Rob freaks out, knowing they’re stolen so Deirdre offers to stash them at her place. That’s so Rob’s probation officer won’t see them and send him back to jail. Can we talk for a moment about her mentioning she was gay and married? Because, apparently, that’s the only way a woman could resist Rob’s charms?

Jake is home and Gary is freaking out because he won’t stop crying and he’s afraid he’ll brake him. New dad syndrome or something more?

Gail thinks the baby looks like Michelle and Tommy but David says that’s impossible or … is it?

Craig is acting shifty around Norris and someone stole the Kabin’s newspaper stand.

There is clearly an attraction between Sally and Tim.

Ken is in “Canada” like Kevin is in “Germany.”

Tina and Tommy are off on holiday. Tommy’s holiday may be permanent, as per the previous post.

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3 Responses to Update for the Week Ending August 16. The One Where It All Falls into PLace

  1. eps says:

    I just read an article this past week (possibly in the Mail) about Tommy/Chris Fountain hoping he’d be kept on after Tina leaves because he likes the work so much. Seems Chris has the same level of judgement and decision-making as Tommy. Life imitating art

  2. Karen says:

    when is Tina leaving?

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