Update for the Week Ending August 30, 2013. Nick Tilsley Coma Mix Edition

Nick Tilsey in a Coma. I know, I know. It’s serious.

This week, David spent a long time talking to Nick about how sorry he was over everything he did. But did Nick hear?

He also bonded with Leanne over a mix tape they wanted to make for Nick to bring him out of his coma.

“Put some Smiths on,” Leanne said. “He loves the Smiths.”

That’s just good mix taping, there Leanne.

Also included in the mix are:

Stone Roses: I am the Resurrection

Muse: Uprising

And throw a bit Prince on there.

Eva, wanting to help out Leanne at the Bistro, faked a dentist appointment so she could bunk off work at the faktry but, you know, Michelle the boss is bound to, oh, I don’t know, walk across the street every now and again.

Tina stomped off to the Redford Recreation, as it’s properly known, where she succeeded in getting drunk off vodka and chasing off three not terribly convincing young toughs. After a chat with Marcus and a voice mail from Rita, Tina decided to go home, where she just missed Rita who went off in search of her.

Poor Rita did not find Tina but the young toughs who hassled her, knocked her to the ground, and stole her purse. The Red Rec has lately become known on Corrie as a dangerous area gone to seed.

Tina reunited with Rita and there were apologies and brandies all around. But Rita did suggest that perhaps, if seeing baby Jake every day is too much for her, moving away may be her best course.

But she does go see Jake and a very tired Gary and Izzy who are so shattered that they may just go and sell him back to her.

Beth is determined to get to the bottom of Craig’s behaviour and has it narrowed down to hormones and, going by Sally’s description of Sophie during her coming out, has decided that Craig is gay. So she puts Kirk on it who assures Craig that there are loads of great gay guys out there like the “chatty little Irishman with the shiny suits.”

In the meantime, Chesney and Sinead had a nice conversation about the lack of father figures in some lads’ lives but Chesney said it was Schmeichel who stood by him.

Peter Schmeichel?” Sinead asked.

“He was a Great Dane.”

I wish they went further with this conversation.

“Great Dane?” Sinead asks. “He was a good footballer but I’d hardly call him great. Now Niels Bohr, HE was a great Dane.”

Really, I should be writing for this show.

But then, Craig says it’s because he wants to know about his dad. So Beth tells him he was a stunt man in Hollywood.


She should have gone the whole hog and said, “Craig, your father is Lee Majors.”

But then she felt bad for lying and told Craig it was, well, some guy who drank.

“But isn’t the truth better?” she asks.

Craig took that to heart and that’s when we found out the real reason he’s been so off lately:

He’s taken up smoking and tossed a lit cigarette in the direction of the Rovers, and he believes it started the fire.

And it was Karl he confessed to because he saw Karl leaving the pub just before the fire, something nobody had seen until now.

Karl freaks and tells Craig, no it was Sunita.

“But it couldn’t have been…”


Later, Karl pulls up in his car and takes Craig for a ride where nobody can hear and goes full evil:

“Oh, yeah. It was you. Your cigarette caused a murder. You’re a murderer. You’re going away to the really bad boys prison. You’ll be dead by murder or suicide. If you’re lucky, you’ll be out in forty years. You see the Shawshank Redemption? No Morgan Freeman to be your pal for those decades.

“BUT if you don’t say anything – and really, what’s the point of saying anything – you can avoid all of that you little smoking murderer.”


Later, Craig spends the day texting Karl and drinking vodka in the ginnel, where he is discovered by Stella and Gloria who then march him off to Mum.

But Karl, knowing that Craig may sooner or later stop believing that he is a murderer and put two and two together, is desperate to find Craig. So he, an adult male, spends his day hanging out at the bus shelter waiting for adolescent boy to show up.

Well, when you put it like that

Karl Munro, if you harm one ginger hair on that boy’s head…

After an eHarmony date with a dull insurance salesman went south, Sally, well, basically picked up Tim off the street and slept with him. Because the walls in those little maisonettes have sound proof walls, Sophie and Jenna did not find out that they had a guest until the next morning at breakfast.

And he’s sticking around the Street instead of heading off to Newcastle, much to the annoyance of Anna and Owen. Oh, and he has a habit of sticking Sally with the breakfast bill. He is class, that man.

Paul’s birthday gift this year was 50 hours community service and fine for assaulting Lloyd. But, hey, why don’t he, Steve, Lloyd, and, um, Brian go out for drinks for his birthday? Oh, and Paul’s mates from the firehouse don’t want to be seen with him, on account of him being racist. So a glum night was had by all except for Lloyd who got the glad eye from the comely barmaid. When Steve, Paul, and Brian gave up on the night, Lloyd stayed behind to chat her up. This, however, attracted some unwanted attention from some racist punters who spoke with the voice I hear in my head when I read the comments section of the Daily Mail.

And we head into Labour Day weekend with racist thugs confronting Lloyd in a threatening manner.

Have a nice long weekend?

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7 Responses to Update for the Week Ending August 30, 2013. Nick Tilsley Coma Mix Edition

  1. S. Poole says:

    OMG, the Fall Guy, that was bloody perfect! Lee Majors was rumoured to drink to excess (at least according to his ex Farrah) so it fits Beth’s description very well.

    Loved the dialogue, especially Steve in the boys night out scenes. Even Brian had a great line when he let on Steve was the fat boy the tough guy was referring to. But back to Steve answering Brian: “One word: Viagra! No, Julie!” Classic.

    Would like to see Roy somehow help Craig out of this jam, as he did in the Casino battle for Sylvia. I know it won’t happen with the heavy storyline coming up with Haley but one can dream. Chesney could help a fellow ginger out and all, good second choice.

  2. Wild Rover says:

    What is the name of the “chatty little Irishman with the shiny suits”? I don’t recognise him.

  3. eps says:

    Loved line when Stella open the box with the wedding dress “I bought for a song”
    Beth, “What song were that? ‘Who’s sorry now ?'”

    Anyone else disappointed with the character Eileen is being turned into? She really had to stretch to find a reason to call it quits with Paul, it seemed to me. That’s love?

    • Karen says:

      I too am disappointed Eileen and Paul couldn’t seem to make it work. It has been a bit of a stretch, but as with all things Corrie, it appears that the story line for the fall is break ups. They seem to follow a trend where if one person has a baby, 3 others will have a baby, or an affair or break up. That’s always been my one ‘beef’ with Corrie, they sometimes have difficulty not putting everyone in the same storyline at the same time. Mandy leaves Lloyd, Paul leaves Eileen, who is next?

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