Update for the Week Ending September 6. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody


This week, it was the battle of the Garden Party/BBQ as Sally Webster turned her snob factor up to 11. I have a lot to say about her character but in short, she has become infinitely more interesting as a character since she and Kevin divorced. She was always a snob but I think Kevin’s absence has allowed that snobbery to gloriously blossom in the light once more.

The invitations pretty much split the street down the middle. It was either Owen, beer, burgers, and Dolly Parton tunes, or Sally, wine, hummus (for vegetarians), and Susan Boyle. To be fair, Anna did put Bronski Beat on the stereo for Sean.

The intersecting friendships made deciding which invitation to accept. For example, Jenna was invited by Anna as they are work colleagues:

But Sally feels that Jenna’s relationship with Sophie trumps work relationships as she so tactfully puts it.


Still, both Sean and Steve find themselves each peering over the fence, thinking they’ve gone to the wrong party. But there isn’t much time for Sean to gaze longingly upon Sally’s boozy trifle when he hears Kylie going into labour. Will she make it to the hospital in time?

Meanwhile, Tim doesn’t seem all that into Sally so Sophie and Jenna counsel her to ease her foot off the gas in the relationship car and take it cool.


Oh, Sally. You’ve always been cool.

In the meantime, the simmering resentment between Lloyd and Paul finally ended when Paul intervened to keep Lloyd from receiving a throttling at the hands of some knuckle-dragging racists. Paul realized finally what Lloyd has to put up with from time to time and apologizes sincerely. But Eileen decided it was the last straw as every problem always seemed to revolve around him. Their engagement was off and Paul left to bunk at some friend’s camper van until he can find a place. And so Paul Kershaw has left the street in the back of a cab.

Speaking of camper vans, Roy and Hayley returned to discover that Sylvia had taken off to care for her sister.

Katy decided to get back with Chesney, leaving Chesney to finish with nice Sinead. He is not in Auntie Beth’s good books right now.

Tina found out David sort of caused Nick’s accident and isn’t listening to his explanations as he has a history of going nuts whenever he feels betrayed.

Norris wasn’t invited to either party.


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7 Responses to Update for the Week Ending September 6. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

  1. Bea says:

    Kylie is in labour. Quick, get her to the Rover’s.

  2. papasmurf1964 says:

    I missed the Bronski Beat reference. Makes sense though.

  3. S. Poole says:

    Norris wasn’t invited to either party.

    But one of the racist toughs looked more than a little bit like a younger version of Mr. Cole. Made me think Lloyd could probably handle them without Paul… so long as they attacked one at a time like Ninjas do in the old movies.

    Most do not like the way the character of Eileen has changed, I agree and will add Anna to that same list. She has moved a long way from the woman who used to smooth things over when Uncle Len, Eddie and Gary messed people about.

    I see adverts for Eileen and Paul coming to Canada, not great timing when they’ve split on screen now, rather see them two what play Owen and Gary, also on the way apparently.

  4. eps says:

    Better spilled ketchup than blood, I suppose. Lilly Platt? Sounds like something a confused
    frog might sit on.

    • fondue123 says:

      I agree it is fun watching Sally Webster putting on airs, but to be honest, I sometimes find myself feeling a bit sorry for her. Does anyone else remember that Sally came from a worse part of town than Corrie Street, and by all accounts, from a more dysfunctional family than the Battersby’s? I remember Hilda Ogden’s sniffy reaction to Kevvie dating Sally: Sally Seddon from Arkwright Street? Oh dear!
      Looks like our Sal has come a long way since then, but inside, maybe she still feels inferior, like Sally Seddon as was.

      • S. Poole says:

        Always liked her character, wavered a bit when she was in business with Greg (Les Battersby’s son?) and I do recall Hilda not being a fan. Around that time there was a scene with Kevin bringing her to watch him race an old clapped out car he was fixing up, Curly was there too. It involved driving these old bangers around an oval track and when Sally took a turn at the wheel she flipped the car and broke her leg. I think that is when Hilda softened somewhat on the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. By ‘eck, can remember that but not what I had for lunch!

      • John says:

        I know Sally has not very nice memories of growing up in her old hood and it may be that she had a rough childhood and somehow that got translated to a resentment of her class.

        Years back, she returned to her neighbourhood only to find it had been gentrified and her cousins were a little more socially mobile than she was. And as socially ambitious as adult Sally was, she was still regarded by her cousins as low class.

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