Update for the Week Ending September 13. Hayley is Wonderful. Karl is a Creep. More Sinead Please.

This week, Hayley went in for her operation. In preparation, Fizz and Mary gave her some books to pass the time, despite Roy’s snobbish attempts at derision. He did, however, find her Kaffe Fasset’s autobiography. I’ll pretend I’ve heard of him before this week.

Jenna and Anna treated the Croppers to a candlelight dinner at the cafe. Hayley went for some retail therapy but after Carla saw her slippers, demanded that she come along next time. Hope drew a get well picture for Hayley but when Fizz hugged Roy, the paint got in his ears. 

As she prepared for her operation, Hayley suddently remembered all the things she had to do and tried to get Roy to make a list. She kept her spirits up and as she was wheeled out, she remarked to Roy, “You got paint in your ear!”

The operation, if successful, would take six hours. Roy watched the clock.

The surgeon returned early.

Craig is worried about his first day at school but really, is burdened with the guilt that he burned down the Rovers. Karl, who’s been creeping around Craig all week, saw the troubled lad and told him to cheer up and even gave him money to buy a video game from Barlow’s Buys.

So Craig skips school but is found out by Kirk. When Beth confronts him, he admits that it was Karl who gave him the money so Beth goes off to tell Stella what happened and to tell Karl to stay clear of Craig.

All this is overheard by Jason and Dev. Jason had a nasty run in with Karl and that had rekindled his suspicion that it was Karl who started the fire. Dev thinks Jason needs to provide proof so while he seems reluctant, it’s clear Dev and Jason are going to team up and solve this case. It’s always my favourite thing when two characters who don’t normally interact team up.

Still waiting on a Dev/Emily Bishop storyline.

(no, not like THAT!)

Sally’s garden party ended with a fight over the Heinz and a broken fence and a humiliated Sally.

Chesney dumped Sinead to be with Katy but then dumped Katy to be with Sinead but Sinead wants to think about it. But really, though, they ought to be together so they can make really pale babies.

Michelle, for some reason, thinks Peter has everyone at the faktry wrapped around his finger, especially that Sally with the way he empathetically related her cancer experience to Haley’s. This is for sure leading somewhere but I’ve no idea where.

Gail wants Kylie to get a DNA test but she’s not sure. She’d rather believe Lilly truly is David’s daughter. 


*shakes head in despair*










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6 Responses to Update for the Week Ending September 13. Hayley is Wonderful. Karl is a Creep. More Sinead Please.

  1. Nicole Harvey says:

    Your recaps are wonderful! I’d like to subscribe but seem to be having difficulty doing so. Please advise!

  2. Bea says:

    Little Max is getting his own story line. ‘o-

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