Update for the Week Ending September 27, Karl Goes Down (on the ground)


This week was the confrontation everyone was waiting for.

After Jason and Dev finally got it out of Craig what Karl’s been up to the pieces all fell into place. It was Craig’s account of Karl’s whereabouts, combined with the Dev tried to warn Stella before she married Karl but he was too late by about a minute. So he took a different approach and drove them back to the Street in his sports car.

Karl, knowing the walls were closing in, ran back to the pub where he hastily packed some suitcases in hopes he and Stella could flee to Barcelona early. But Dev followed him and confronted him about the pub fire, which, as you may recall was originally blamed on Jason. But Karl went further than admitting that he started the fire: he admitted leaving Sunita for dead and that Dev was better off without her. A scuffle ensued and Dev was knocked out. Stella came looking for Karl and discovered Dev on the floor. Karl tried to hold Stella hostage and threatened to torch the pub and even admitted his guilt but in the end, Jason got the police to arrive and Karl came out and gave himself up.

John Michie was really good as Karl. No moustache-twirling villainy here. Just a bad man who made worse decisions.

The next day, they learned Karl confessed to everything so I imagine it will be an off screen trial and that’s the last we’ve seen of Karl.

Eve meanwhile is sticking up for her mum who some folk think she may have been aware of Karl’s misdeeds. This on top of jokes about the size of her boobs.


Meanwhile, I do like that this whole affair has brought three very unlikely people into each other’s orbits: Dev, Jason, and Mary who has been irreplacable as the kids’ nanny. I like when the show creates unlikely social circles.

Elsewhere, Nick Tilsey is still in that coma but I imagine that’ll change soon.

Hayley’s story took a back seat to the Karl drama this week but we did see her trying to live normally but the pain from her cancer is getting to her.

Tyrone found an injured pigeon in the garage. Do we have a new Duckworth in the making? Tommy’s leaving soon and really, Ty was more Duckworth than any of Jack and Vera’s progeny so why not?

Sally is throwing herself at Tim, despite Jenna’s efforts to cheer her up with some wine and DVD, and he is just not that interested.

Michelle is increasingly annoyed with Peter at the factory.

Audrey is staying with Maria and Marcus and Liam Jr and Ozzy. It’s a bit crowded.

Faye has a new friend Grace who was mentioned about 173 times before we saw her. She puts on a friendly face for the Armstrong-Windasses but it quickly turns sour when she reveals herself to be a spoiled brat with three pairs of fancy sneakers and some kind of list of approved magazines that Faye is allowed to read. So, if you thought Faye already had enough bad influences in her life…


And hooray for Kirk for getting miles of new character development.


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5 Responses to Update for the Week Ending September 27, Karl Goes Down (on the ground)

  1. Wild Rover says:

    It’s hard to disarm a man brandishing a Bic. Especially when he’s threatening to set fire to the wastebasket.

  2. Bea says:

    Loved the way Karl and Dev were both down on the ground and eye to eye. Drama moment. ;o-

  3. Karen says:

    So happy this story line has come to a close. Hoping that they have a great story line for Haley’s exit, she deserves it. I anticipate using up a lot of Kleenex. Glad Sunita finally has had her name cleared, she got a bad rap on that one. Dev did a great job in holding it together till he got Karl where he wanted him. Good acting. Will Stella be leaving now too I hope? I’m finding her more and more like nails on a chalk board 😦

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