Update for the week ending October 4th When Jason Met Eva


It was a quiet week on the cobbles as our residents took a breather from all the drama of last week’s arrest with Karl and waited for Nick to come out of his coma.

Roy had his 60th birthday in the Rovers, complete with train cake and karaoke.

But really the party was for Hayley, who splashed out on real silk blouse.

“Would it be an imposition if I asked for a feel?” Mary asked Hayley.

Oh, Mary. If I had a loonie for every time I asked that question in my bachelor days…

Hayley would like to get in touch with her son Christian and while she left a message for him, he hasn’t called back. Roy thinks it’s best to let it lie, given that Christian punched her last time.

David would like to have a christening for baby Lilly but Audrey is dead set against it given that Nick is still in a coma.

Jason and Eva have been growing closer ever since Karl’s arrest and then they got very close in Jason’s bed but, as usual on this show, nobody realized there was a fourth person in Eileen’s house until the next morning. My house is about the same size as Eileen’s and there is no way you wouldn’t hear someone coming up the stairs. Well, everyone promised to keep it secret but that wasn’t helped by Stella walking in on the two of them snogging in the back room of the pub. Awkward.

Didn’t Leanne do the same thing with Danny and Jamie Baldwin? Dev certainly did with Deirdre and Tracy Barlow so the multigenerational dating is nothing new on the street.

Michelle’s having a hard time with Peter-Come-Lately at the Faktry so she takes it out on Ryan and “Hannah-with-an-H” (“Well, how else would it be spelled?”). She even tells Ryan that his dreams of being a DJ are pipe dreams and that he should grow up and find a real job. Remember when Michelle was a singer? Oh, dear.

Fizz and Tyrone decide to move in together at the Old Rectory and Ches and Sinead are happy for them, although I’m not sure how Ches and Sinead will afford rent. Does Sinead live there or with Beth? I’m not sure. Tyrone and Fizz will not be joined by pigeons, however, as Fizz put the kibosh on that little idea when Tyrone found an injured bird he named Beyoncé.

Cool Sally’s attempts to be cool with Tim went up in smoke when he suggested a weekend away and she thinks “Paris!” and he thinks “Blackpool.” So he fakes a text and claims he’s got work in Birmingham or someplace.

Next week, I won’t be available to do updates as I’ll be travelling to NB for the long weekend where I’ll be spending time with family.

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2 Responses to Update for the week ending October 4th When Jason Met Eva

  1. Tvor says:

    I’m loving Sally! Poor old Tim looks like a deer caught in the headlights! “You wouldn’t really take *me* to Blackpool??!!” LOL!

    Dev also did a mother and daughter not long ago. Tracy had both David and Nick in a matter of days after her prison release.

  2. Bea says:

    David and Nick seem to have a bit of a problem with boundaries. lol

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