Update for the week ending October 18, 2013. Nick Tilsey Out of a Coma Edition (it’s still serious)

Well, I’m back from New Brunswick after stuffing myself with turkey and, well, stuffing. I may never eat again.

I’ve just gotten caught up on Corrie and I may have missed an episode or two but here’s what happened this week.

Am I the only one who thought Nick was coming out of a coma with an ability to see the future of anyone he touches, a la Stephen King’s The Dead Zone?


Let’s skip right to my favourite scene, shall we?

No wonder I had nightmares about nuclear war in the 1980’s. Thanks, pop culture!

But alas, no, Nick did not come out of the coma and into a dark, David Cronenberg-directed world of early 80s Ontario. He came out with a beard and, initially, very few words. But what words they were:

When seeing Lilly, “Mine.”

And, “David.”

Kylie is, well, passing bricks worried that David will find out (he already knows, of course) about the possibility that Lilly isn’t his.

Eventually, Nick did start talking more and more long enough to have a conversation with David. He accuses David of trying to kill him and he wants a DNA test.

There was a bit of odd business with Owen and some missing payments from a guy who owed him about £4,000. Problem is, the man was bankrupt (or claimed he was) and had no money to pay. So Owen stole his posh motorcycle from his posh house until the man coughed up the money. Owen dig some digging and found out the guy was a bit of a con artist or something. Anyway, he coughed up the money but Anna was furious, thinking this was going back to her days with Eddie. Although I think Eddie was a more of work avoider/benefits abuser and it was Len who was an outright criminal.

Stella put the Rovers up for sale, deciding that it was time for a fresh start and Steve has been talking to her.

Michelle quit the factory and has been pulling pints at the Rovers, even though she acknowledges it’s a step down. Ryan is stepping up, finally, to go be a full time club DJ in Ibiza. As he has substance abuse problems, living and working in the notoriously drug-free island should help him. So he’s gone then. We’ll see what he regenerates into when he comes back.

Barry, Michelle’s dad, has popped up unexpectedly from Ireland. He claims his wife was off at a spa but really, it’s clear she chucked him out.

There’s a new PA job at the factory. Sally, again, thinks she’s a shoe-in but it’s Eva who gets the job when she goes in to ask Peter some random question. He asked her to, I dunno, make a new cover sheet for the TPS reports. He saw that she had a wealth of experience from her temping days and, well, some other assets (OH WE ALL SAW WHERE YOUR EYES WERE, PETER BARLOW), he offered her the job.

It is a hard rule of Corrie: Sally will never get that job.

And she can’t go cry to Tim because he’s hiding from her, claiming he was off working in Birmingham.

Brian hates his job and wants to quit. Julie wants to have babies, but cannot, and is considering fostering, on the advice of Rita. The conversation with her, Rita, and drunk Deirdre was hilarious.

Hayley reconnected with Christian finally.

Christian: “It’s a personal visit. I’m Christian.”

Anna: “Oh, they don’t do religion, love. Especially not Roy.”

Hayley, it turns out, is a grandparent now. She’d like to see her grandchildren but Christian is still weird and kind of bigoted toward her. They didn’t leave on good terms again. But this time, nobody got punched.

Roy is going to take Hayley to Blackpool for a holiday to cheer her up.

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2 Responses to Update for the week ending October 18, 2013. Nick Tilsey Out of a Coma Edition (it’s still serious)

  1. S. Poole says:

    Loving dark Nick, good work by the actor to look so menacing. Little rat David needs a taste of the terror he has dished out over the years.

    Ken-free Deirdre is a riot, mention of talking to walls a la Shirley Valentine.

    And is that a different Barry? I don’t recall the other one being quite as full of blarney.

  2. Bea says:

    Can you really get a dna test done in a couple of days? And also, are these tests accurate enough to tell an uncle from a father? I mean some of the dna would be the same, wouldn’t it?

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