Update for the week ending October 25


Hi folks. I only have time for a quick one this week so let’s get to it:

The DNA test results are in and the baby is, in fact, David’s (although according to  this post at Bluenose Corrie Blogger, that’s not really the case). So now it’s bearded, brain-damaged PTSD Nick who’s going to go over to the dark side after David couldn’t resist taunting him with his “I won!” speech. Unfortunately, there was a bit of “hide the DNA results” going on with the letter, which David tried to pass off as the mailed confirmation of a hotel stay for a weekend away with Kylie. Because people get those, apparently. Kylie, meanwhile, thinks David is having an affair with Tina. And it all leads to a big fight in the Rovers which is broken up by…

Liz Macdonald, who was Steve’s silent partner in the deal to buy the Rovers and now he and Michelle have their names above the door. So Steve is back owning the Rovers while Michelle took some time to come around to the idea.

Norris is teaching Roy how to foxtrot in anticipation of a week away to Blackpool. They also went to a cancer support group where they met a woman who was very bubbly which Hayley found inspiring. But Roy found her cavalier attitude unsettling. But everyone faces their own mortality in their own way, I suppose.


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2 Responses to Update for the week ending October 25

  1. Bea says:

    I knew it had to be Liz as soon as I saw that stiletto come out of the door of the cab. She always knew how to make an entrance. lol
    I seem to remember that Liz had to be the licensee the first time Steve bought the pub because Steve had a criminal record.

  2. eps says:

    The stiletto was a great entrance. I think there is a statute of limitations re: criminal conviction and being a licensee but am not sure. I feel bad for both Hayley and Roy, Roy certainly seems to be trying his best to be there for her. Fiz sure has grown up. She’s been great with both of them.

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