Update for the Week Ending November 1, 2013. What Hayley Wants

Well, folks, I’m sorry to say it’s going to be another quick one this week ’cause having a kid in school, swimming, Beavers, and karate really cuts into one’s me time.





I think the big event this week was Hayley’s bombshell that she wanted to end her life. After a joyous trip to Blackpool where she danced at the Tower Ballroom, Roy and Hayley returned to see their friend Jane who went from bubbly to a heavily sedated woman living in her old memories. Hayley told Roy she doesn’t want that, especially the memories which were particularly painful for her as a transgendered person.

This led a big argument in which Roy accused Hayley of being a hypocrite. Roy reminded her that he once tried to take his life (remember Roy and Tracy and Amy?) and Hayley may change her mind as every day is the same. In the end, neither budged and Hayley went to stay with Fizz and Tyrone. Roy, sadly, while making good points, was sadly tone deaf to Hayley’s request.

It’s interesting to introduce this to the storyline as the Quebec government is considering introducing end of life legislation and, obviously, it’s a sensitive issue for everyone.

The christening was this week and Kylie found out about the DNA test so the christening was cut a little short. David is kicked out but Leanne doesn’t know about Kylie and Nick. Yet. Christmas?  Yeah, it’ll be Christmas.

Barry had an affair which, in Ireland, strips you of citizenship. That’s why he’s in England among the heathens. Ok, his wife kicked him out.

Rita wants to go on holiday but Dennis doesn’t think he can afford so he pawns Elsie Tanner’s ring to Tracey Barlow at the pawn shop.

Stella and Gloria are running the bistro while Nick recovers and because they need something to do before they leave the show.








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7 Responses to Update for the Week Ending November 1, 2013. What Hayley Wants

  1. fondue123 says:

    Just a wee observation, I’m pretty sure Leanne does now know about Nick and Kylie…that’s why she’s run away (to London to stay with Toya?) for the moment.

    • John says:

      I may have missed that. I knew she went off to Toyah’s but I didn’t know that was the reason.

    • John says:

      I mean, she knew Nick slept with someone on Christmas because he told her but did she put 2 and 2 together?

      My memory’s failing in my old age..I think.

      • fondue123 says:

        If memory serves (and it may not!), Leanne found out about Nick and Kiley during the big scene in the church vestry. Everyone was yelling about affairs and vendettas. And then Leanne stalked out of the church past the guests….and all the way to London I guess.

  2. Wild Rover says:

    So Lily never actually got christened. They seem to have forgotten that.

    • lovethestreet says:

      I think the christening as David’s idea in the first place, and he certainly doesn’t get a vote right now! Didn’t Kylie say “I don’t do vicars”?

  3. eps says:

    Tonight I realized that I aspire to “do a Rita” – shake my finger in someone’s face and say, “I ‘ll get to you in a minute, laaadee”

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