Update for the Week Ending November 15. #hilarious

First of all, congratulations to Mare and her stellar turn on Jeopardy this week! Watch for her as a wild card in next week’s semi-finals.


Is it me or does it seem like Liz Macdonald, who only just got back, has been behind the bar for ages? It was a very smooth transition and it all felt very natural. And if it means more Liz, Deirdre, and Eileen getting drunk and singing into vinegar cruets, I’m all for it.

Oh, that Grace is a nasty one, isn’t she? This week, she stoked the Sally/Anna wars by nicking Sally’s change. Then she bullied Simon over Nick’s recovery until Nick himself lashed out at the kids. Owen and Sally have her number by everyone seems blind to it. My theory is that she has a horrible home life.

After rowing with Roy and staying at Ty and Fizz’s, Hayley collapsed and went to hospital. She’ll be coming back home but is clear she intends to die there. Jenna has offered to pitch in and help Roy spruce up the apartment above the cafe.

Speaking of Jenna, she broke up with Sophie this week. She and Lloyd commiserated over their failed relationships over a beer in the Rovers and Jenna had a good laugh over the idea of Lloyd and Liz being together.


I do like Jenna and I hope they keep her around. I worry that if you can’t pair a character off with another character, they’re doomed, storyline-wise. Given that she broke up with the only person she could date on the Street, I’m not sure where that leaves her.

Sally has told Tim she wants to slow things down and he’s just fine with that. Sophie says she just doesn’t see the attraction.

“Of course not,” Sally replied. “That’s because you’re a lesbian!”

There is a war brewing between Tina and Tracey. After demanding she sell back Elsie Tanner’s ring to Dennis (who pawned it for cash, hoping his bets would come in), Tracey demanded more money and, well, it ended with Tina throwing a rock through the window. Tracey tried to up the charges to include broken laptops (by breaking them herself) but it ended with Tina paying for the broken window. I imagine this is not the last we’ll see of these two.

Todd’s coming up from London next week.

After losing all his stuff from his market stall, Dev takes pity on Chesney and offers him a job managing the Greco. Sinead even sews manager on his apron.

There’s an employee of the month competition on at the factory and Beth wants to win that 100 quid to buy Craig some nice presents. Problem is, she’s not a brilliant stitcher. But Sinead is…

Julie and Brian are looking into fostering children. Well, Julie is. Brian is looking into new jobs. This will all end in, well, you know.

Julie also had a talk with Sally about raising children and the commitment it requires.

“As a mum I need to get used to putting other people first,” she told Sally. “I know you’ve had a lifetime of doing that. You can tell by your clothes.”

And that’s the line of the week, folks.

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2 Responses to Update for the Week Ending November 15. #hilarious

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    Congrats, Mare, on making it to the next round. It seems that knowing how to click in with the buzzer is the trick to the game. I can’t wait for your Dad’s comments on your performance!

    About Grace: I’m reminded of the Rogers & Hammerstein song from South Pacific “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” (to hate & fear….). I taught my kids that bullies aren’t born that way. They’ve learned it somewhere, usually by personal experience, often 1st at home. I’m waiting to see what the point of introducing Grace will be. I hope there’s a lesson & not just a plot device.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    Further congratulations, Mare. You acquitted yourself well under tremendous pressure. (Sorry about the “of/ for” slip.) You can be justly proud of your achievement!

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