Update for the Week Ending September 27, Karl Goes Down (on the ground)


This week was the confrontation everyone was waiting for.

After Jason and Dev finally got it out of Craig what Karl’s been up to the pieces all fell into place. It was Craig’s account of Karl’s whereabouts, combined with the Dev tried to warn Stella before she married Karl but he was too late by about a minute. So he took a different approach and drove them back to the Street in his sports car.

Karl, knowing the walls were closing in, ran back to the pub where he hastily packed some suitcases in hopes he and Stella could flee to Barcelona early. But Dev followed him and confronted him about the pub fire, which, as you may recall was originally blamed on Jason. But Karl went further than admitting that he started the fire: he admitted leaving Sunita for dead and that Dev was better off without her. A scuffle ensued and Dev was knocked out. Stella came looking for Karl and discovered Dev on the floor. Karl tried to hold Stella hostage and threatened to torch the pub and even admitted his guilt but in the end, Jason got the police to arrive and Karl came out and gave himself up.

John Michie was really good as Karl. No moustache-twirling villainy here. Just a bad man who made worse decisions.

The next day, they learned Karl confessed to everything so I imagine it will be an off screen trial and that’s the last we’ve seen of Karl.

Eve meanwhile is sticking up for her mum who some folk think she may have been aware of Karl’s misdeeds. This on top of jokes about the size of her boobs.


Meanwhile, I do like that this whole affair has brought three very unlikely people into each other’s orbits: Dev, Jason, and Mary who has been irreplacable as the kids’ nanny. I like when the show creates unlikely social circles.

Elsewhere, Nick Tilsey is still in that coma but I imagine that’ll change soon.

Hayley’s story took a back seat to the Karl drama this week but we did see her trying to live normally but the pain from her cancer is getting to her.

Tyrone found an injured pigeon in the garage. Do we have a new Duckworth in the making? Tommy’s leaving soon and really, Ty was more Duckworth than any of Jack and Vera’s progeny so why not?

Sally is throwing herself at Tim, despite Jenna’s efforts to cheer her up with some wine and DVD, and he is just not that interested.

Michelle is increasingly annoyed with Peter at the factory.

Audrey is staying with Maria and Marcus and Liam Jr and Ozzy. It’s a bit crowded.

Faye has a new friend Grace who was mentioned about 173 times before we saw her. She puts on a friendly face for the Armstrong-Windasses but it quickly turns sour when she reveals herself to be a spoiled brat with three pairs of fancy sneakers and some kind of list of approved magazines that Faye is allowed to read. So, if you thought Faye already had enough bad influences in her life…


And hooray for Kirk for getting miles of new character development.

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Update for the Week Ending September 20. The Power of Roy and Hayley’s Relationship


Two things happened this week so let’s get to it.

Hayley went into hospital to have a tumour removed. Sadly, it was inoperable and the surgeon was very blunt in Hayley’s prospects: with chemo, she may have a year. Without it, she’ll have six months. 

Pancreatic cancer is often undiagnosed before it’s too late to do anything as it rarely shows symptoms. Hayley is going to die of this.




The news hits everyone very hard: Carla breaks down, Sally is empathetic, Fizz, who was their foster child, is devastated, and Roy bites off Emily Bishop’s head for discussing how her faith helped her through the loss of her Ernest.

Hayley begins to make her bucket list, which includes teaching Roy to drive.

Their love for each other is strong but Roy still won’t kiss her in front of the others:

Thinking he caused the fire, Craig ran away. But after Karl tracks him down, he comes back with a tale that he’s being bullied by two Slytherin boys but said Slytherin boys find Craig and decide to bully him for accusing them of bullying him. That’s when Karl lays into the boys and we get the first ever Karl cam:

Meanwhile Dev and Jason are investigating Karl’s involvement in the fire by asking questions like “Tommy, when we all did the Full Monty, when did Karl take his clothes off?”

Meanwhile, Max is feeling left out which the new baby in the house so David suggests he adopt him so they’ll all be a family together.

Audrey’s home repairs get more and more expensive so Maria, trying to be nice, suggests she bunk with her and Marcus. To her chagrin, Audrey takes them up on her offer.

Tim is so not ready for commitment that even accompanying Sally as her date to Stella’s wedding gives her cold feet.

The wedding is this week. Will Karl’s crimes be revealed before they reach the alter, at the alter, or after the alter?

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Update for the Week Ending September 13. Hayley is Wonderful. Karl is a Creep. More Sinead Please.

This week, Hayley went in for her operation. In preparation, Fizz and Mary gave her some books to pass the time, despite Roy’s snobbish attempts at derision. He did, however, find her Kaffe Fasset’s autobiography. I’ll pretend I’ve heard of him before this week.

Jenna and Anna treated the Croppers to a candlelight dinner at the cafe. Hayley went for some retail therapy but after Carla saw her slippers, demanded that she come along next time. Hope drew a get well picture for Hayley but when Fizz hugged Roy, the paint got in his ears. 

As she prepared for her operation, Hayley suddently remembered all the things she had to do and tried to get Roy to make a list. She kept her spirits up and as she was wheeled out, she remarked to Roy, “You got paint in your ear!”

The operation, if successful, would take six hours. Roy watched the clock.

The surgeon returned early.

Craig is worried about his first day at school but really, is burdened with the guilt that he burned down the Rovers. Karl, who’s been creeping around Craig all week, saw the troubled lad and told him to cheer up and even gave him money to buy a video game from Barlow’s Buys.

So Craig skips school but is found out by Kirk. When Beth confronts him, he admits that it was Karl who gave him the money so Beth goes off to tell Stella what happened and to tell Karl to stay clear of Craig.

All this is overheard by Jason and Dev. Jason had a nasty run in with Karl and that had rekindled his suspicion that it was Karl who started the fire. Dev thinks Jason needs to provide proof so while he seems reluctant, it’s clear Dev and Jason are going to team up and solve this case. It’s always my favourite thing when two characters who don’t normally interact team up.

Still waiting on a Dev/Emily Bishop storyline.

(no, not like THAT!)

Sally’s garden party ended with a fight over the Heinz and a broken fence and a humiliated Sally.

Chesney dumped Sinead to be with Katy but then dumped Katy to be with Sinead but Sinead wants to think about it. But really, though, they ought to be together so they can make really pale babies.

Michelle, for some reason, thinks Peter has everyone at the faktry wrapped around his finger, especially that Sally with the way he empathetically related her cancer experience to Haley’s. This is for sure leading somewhere but I’ve no idea where.

Gail wants Kylie to get a DNA test but she’s not sure. She’d rather believe Lilly truly is David’s daughter. 


*shakes head in despair*









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Kevin Webster is coming back

As you may have heard, Michael Le Vell was found not guilty and, as a result, Kevin will be back on our screens in the near future.


Wonder what Kevin will make of Tim?

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Kevin Webster may be back on the street soon…

The Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell has been cleared of raping a young girl and subjecting her to other serious sexual assaults over a number of years.

Le Vell, 48, who plays the car mechanic Kevin Webster in the ITV soap, said the teenager was a fantasist whose allegations were seeking to ruin him. He was cleared of all the charges against him.


Moments before the verdicts were announced a group of his relatives clasped hands in the public gallery. The actor merely nodded as the first “not guilty” was delivered.


On the second occasion he looked up towards the courtroom ceiling. Once he heard the final acquittal he smiled, looked over towards the jury and mouthed the words: “Thank you.”


In the witness box at Manchester crown court, Le Vell, appearing under his real name, Michael Turner, said the case had left him “fighting for his life”.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told her mother of the alleged assaults in September 2011.

She later told police Le Vell had first attacked her when she was six. In the witness box, she repeatedly broke down as she gave a graphic account of being raped while clutching one of her teddy bears.

As the alleged assault continued, she told the court, the actor pressed another of her teddies against her mouth, telling her: “It’s OK, just keep calm, stay asleep … I’m going to get rid of the evil.”

Le Vell’s barrister, Alisdair Williamson, poured scorn on what he said was a number of inconsistencies in the complainant’s account of being attacked.

Williamson said the girl had told one family friend the attack happened when she was 10, and told other people it happened 10 times. He said: “There’s an agonising lack of detail from this witness. She can’t give you details because it did not happen, and that’s why her story varies according to who she’s talking to.”

Williamson added: “Had she really been raped as a young child it would have been extremely painful. There wasn’t even a muffled scream. She just didn’t make a sound. Is that real?”


Despite his acquittal, Le Vell left the court with his reputation damaged after the jury heard of his alcoholism and a string of marital infidelities.

Williamson was forced to acknowledge of his client: “He is a man, not a character; a weak man, a stupid man, a drunk man.”


Outside the court building Le Vell said: “I’m delighted, obviously – it’s a big weight off everyone’s shoulders.

“I’d just like to thank my fantastic legal team, my family for their support, security, and I’d like to thank ITV for their continued support throughout this traumatic time for all of us.”


To the sound of laughter from supporters and onlookers, he added: “I’d  like to thank you all for being patient – and I might go for a drink now!’


Asked when he might return to Coronation Street, Le Vell replied: “I don’t know. I may have a holiday first. I’ll have a talk with my boss.” Moments later he was ushered into a limousine and driven away.


The jury had taken just under five hours to acquit him on all charges.

Daily Email
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Update for the Week Ending September 6. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody


This week, it was the battle of the Garden Party/BBQ as Sally Webster turned her snob factor up to 11. I have a lot to say about her character but in short, she has become infinitely more interesting as a character since she and Kevin divorced. She was always a snob but I think Kevin’s absence has allowed that snobbery to gloriously blossom in the light once more.

The invitations pretty much split the street down the middle. It was either Owen, beer, burgers, and Dolly Parton tunes, or Sally, wine, hummus (for vegetarians), and Susan Boyle. To be fair, Anna did put Bronski Beat on the stereo for Sean.

The intersecting friendships made deciding which invitation to accept. For example, Jenna was invited by Anna as they are work colleagues:

But Sally feels that Jenna’s relationship with Sophie trumps work relationships as she so tactfully puts it.


Still, both Sean and Steve find themselves each peering over the fence, thinking they’ve gone to the wrong party. But there isn’t much time for Sean to gaze longingly upon Sally’s boozy trifle when he hears Kylie going into labour. Will she make it to the hospital in time?

Meanwhile, Tim doesn’t seem all that into Sally so Sophie and Jenna counsel her to ease her foot off the gas in the relationship car and take it cool.


Oh, Sally. You’ve always been cool.

In the meantime, the simmering resentment between Lloyd and Paul finally ended when Paul intervened to keep Lloyd from receiving a throttling at the hands of some knuckle-dragging racists. Paul realized finally what Lloyd has to put up with from time to time and apologizes sincerely. But Eileen decided it was the last straw as every problem always seemed to revolve around him. Their engagement was off and Paul left to bunk at some friend’s camper van until he can find a place. And so Paul Kershaw has left the street in the back of a cab.

Speaking of camper vans, Roy and Hayley returned to discover that Sylvia had taken off to care for her sister.

Katy decided to get back with Chesney, leaving Chesney to finish with nice Sinead. He is not in Auntie Beth’s good books right now.

Tina found out David sort of caused Nick’s accident and isn’t listening to his explanations as he has a history of going nuts whenever he feels betrayed.

Norris wasn’t invited to either party.

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This Just In

It’s Corrie Canuck contributor Mare’s birthday today!

Big thanks to Mare for awesome posts over the past few months!

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Update for the Week Ending August 30, 2013. Nick Tilsley Coma Mix Edition

Nick Tilsey in a Coma. I know, I know. It’s serious.

This week, David spent a long time talking to Nick about how sorry he was over everything he did. But did Nick hear?

He also bonded with Leanne over a mix tape they wanted to make for Nick to bring him out of his coma.

“Put some Smiths on,” Leanne said. “He loves the Smiths.”

That’s just good mix taping, there Leanne.

Also included in the mix are:

Stone Roses: I am the Resurrection

Muse: Uprising

And throw a bit Prince on there.

Eva, wanting to help out Leanne at the Bistro, faked a dentist appointment so she could bunk off work at the faktry but, you know, Michelle the boss is bound to, oh, I don’t know, walk across the street every now and again.

Tina stomped off to the Redford Recreation, as it’s properly known, where she succeeded in getting drunk off vodka and chasing off three not terribly convincing young toughs. After a chat with Marcus and a voice mail from Rita, Tina decided to go home, where she just missed Rita who went off in search of her.

Poor Rita did not find Tina but the young toughs who hassled her, knocked her to the ground, and stole her purse. The Red Rec has lately become known on Corrie as a dangerous area gone to seed.

Tina reunited with Rita and there were apologies and brandies all around. But Rita did suggest that perhaps, if seeing baby Jake every day is too much for her, moving away may be her best course.

But she does go see Jake and a very tired Gary and Izzy who are so shattered that they may just go and sell him back to her.

Beth is determined to get to the bottom of Craig’s behaviour and has it narrowed down to hormones and, going by Sally’s description of Sophie during her coming out, has decided that Craig is gay. So she puts Kirk on it who assures Craig that there are loads of great gay guys out there like the “chatty little Irishman with the shiny suits.”

In the meantime, Chesney and Sinead had a nice conversation about the lack of father figures in some lads’ lives but Chesney said it was Schmeichel who stood by him.

Peter Schmeichel?” Sinead asked.

“He was a Great Dane.”

I wish they went further with this conversation.

“Great Dane?” Sinead asks. “He was a good footballer but I’d hardly call him great. Now Niels Bohr, HE was a great Dane.”

Really, I should be writing for this show.

But then, Craig says it’s because he wants to know about his dad. So Beth tells him he was a stunt man in Hollywood.


She should have gone the whole hog and said, “Craig, your father is Lee Majors.”

But then she felt bad for lying and told Craig it was, well, some guy who drank.

“But isn’t the truth better?” she asks.

Craig took that to heart and that’s when we found out the real reason he’s been so off lately:

He’s taken up smoking and tossed a lit cigarette in the direction of the Rovers, and he believes it started the fire.

And it was Karl he confessed to because he saw Karl leaving the pub just before the fire, something nobody had seen until now.

Karl freaks and tells Craig, no it was Sunita.

“But it couldn’t have been…”


Later, Karl pulls up in his car and takes Craig for a ride where nobody can hear and goes full evil:

“Oh, yeah. It was you. Your cigarette caused a murder. You’re a murderer. You’re going away to the really bad boys prison. You’ll be dead by murder or suicide. If you’re lucky, you’ll be out in forty years. You see the Shawshank Redemption? No Morgan Freeman to be your pal for those decades.

“BUT if you don’t say anything – and really, what’s the point of saying anything – you can avoid all of that you little smoking murderer.”


Later, Craig spends the day texting Karl and drinking vodka in the ginnel, where he is discovered by Stella and Gloria who then march him off to Mum.

But Karl, knowing that Craig may sooner or later stop believing that he is a murderer and put two and two together, is desperate to find Craig. So he, an adult male, spends his day hanging out at the bus shelter waiting for adolescent boy to show up.

Well, when you put it like that

Karl Munro, if you harm one ginger hair on that boy’s head…

After an eHarmony date with a dull insurance salesman went south, Sally, well, basically picked up Tim off the street and slept with him. Because the walls in those little maisonettes have sound proof walls, Sophie and Jenna did not find out that they had a guest until the next morning at breakfast.

And he’s sticking around the Street instead of heading off to Newcastle, much to the annoyance of Anna and Owen. Oh, and he has a habit of sticking Sally with the breakfast bill. He is class, that man.

Paul’s birthday gift this year was 50 hours community service and fine for assaulting Lloyd. But, hey, why don’t he, Steve, Lloyd, and, um, Brian go out for drinks for his birthday? Oh, and Paul’s mates from the firehouse don’t want to be seen with him, on account of him being racist. So a glum night was had by all except for Lloyd who got the glad eye from the comely barmaid. When Steve, Paul, and Brian gave up on the night, Lloyd stayed behind to chat her up. This, however, attracted some unwanted attention from some racist punters who spoke with the voice I hear in my head when I read the comments section of the Daily Mail.

And we head into Labour Day weekend with racist thugs confronting Lloyd in a threatening manner.

Have a nice long weekend?

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Update for the Week Ending August 23. Death by Eddie Stobart


Well, not death exactly but a serious maiming. And what a stunt that was! After revealing that he slept with Kylie, Nick fought for control of the Bistro van with David. When they finally stopped the van, they were struck by an oncoming truck. I often say that I prefer the little Corrie moments to the big Corrie moments but as the big ones go, that one was handled well.

They’re both rushed to hospital where Nick spends the week hanging by a thread. Simon worries that he’s about to lose another parent. David worries that everyone is going to find out just how he and his brother came to be in the middle of the road. He’s filled with genuine remorse over the fact that he was basically responsible but he has to spin a tale to everyone to keep the truth from coming, which it will when Nick comes out of that coma.


Tina knows about Nick and Kylie after overhearing David confessing to Nick. But Tina has problems of her own as a welcome home party for baby Jake held at the Rovers during her shift have put her out of sorts so she stormed off.

Craig stole the little paperboy statue from the Kabin but ended up working as a paperboy for Norris. But on his first day, he never delivered the papers. Beth is worried about his behaviour and worries that she is a crap mum but Kirk assures her that it’s not true. Craig is just stressed out.

I do have to say that I love the relationship between Beth and Craig. It’s been a while since we’ve had a mother-son relationship this strong on the show.

She’s certainly a sharp contrast to Tracy who, at her brother’s suggestion, decided it would be a good idea to move in with Rob. He, for one, wanted nothing to do with so Tracy got it into her head that if she had less Amy in her life, Rob would let her move in. She asks Steve if he’ll have her four nights a week and, of course, he says yes.

Mandy left the street this week and took her tortoise with her. I wished the show had done more with her character and said so on Twitter:

I like when the actors tweet back.

But Jenna’s sticking around.

Owen and Gary had an odd conversation about gender-specific colours, pink for girls. Blue for boys.

“Who made that rule?” Gary asked.

“You want a pink jacket?” Owen asked, rhetorically.

Ah, but pink once was a boy’s colour.

Julie’s back after mat leave caring for her mum. And Gloria’s back too so expect lines like this:

(image found here at this glorious Corrie related Tumblr)

And I have to say that Friday was one of the best episodes they’d done in a while. The plot advanced nicely all while we had these lovely character moments and brilliant one-liners, all of which I’ve already forgotten because I don’t write things down when I should.

And Tommy? Once his scenes finish airing, he ain’t coming back.

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Update for the Week Ending August 16. The One Where It All Falls into PLace

This week, David continued his revenge plan by continuing to sow the seeds of distrust between Nick and Leanne. He also sent an anonymous letter to Leanne asking if she knew what her husband was doing Christmas night. I’m so glad David continues to champion the art of letter writing. So many others would have just done it via the Facespaces or whatever.


 Although he did use the internet to write bad Tripadvisor reviews of the Bistro in addition to stealing the float and watering down the drinks.

Kylie thinks it must be someone so obvious that they wouldn’t have considered when it came to light for Nick. “It’s David,” he said to himself.

So he got David alone in the van and came clean and told David what he already knew: He slept with Kylie on Christmas night. So how will David react to that? We’ll find out Monday but do remember that a distressed David and motor vehicles are not a good match.

It seems the racism storyline has wrapped up. First Sophie called to complain about Paul, who had a meeting with his boss about it. Paul thought it was Lloyd who called and got into a fight over it. Jenna was furious with Sophie. But it was all sorted out and Paul did the thing he should have before, which is buy Lloyd a beer and apologize. Lloyd couldn’t drink it as he was working but they did shake hands and it looks like the matter is behind them.

Jenna, meanwhile, told Sophie she can fight her own battles.

Roy and Hayley are off on a relaxing holiday courtesy of Mary’s huge camper van that neither Hayley nor Mary want to do reverse in.

Filling in at the cafe is Jenna. Mandy, who has settled into a permanent state of anger and disapproval, thinks the job is beneath her, given her qualifications but then, her romance with Sophie kind of hurt her medical career. Otherwise, she’d be working at the clinic everyone seems to have forgotten Coronation Street has.

Barlow’s Bookies has now become Barlow’s Buys, a second hand shop offering (mostly) legally obtained merchandise. When Tracy buys a bunch of smartphones from Fat Tony, Rob freaks out, knowing they’re stolen so Deirdre offers to stash them at her place. That’s so Rob’s probation officer won’t see them and send him back to jail. Can we talk for a moment about her mentioning she was gay and married? Because, apparently, that’s the only way a woman could resist Rob’s charms?

Jake is home and Gary is freaking out because he won’t stop crying and he’s afraid he’ll brake him. New dad syndrome or something more?

Gail thinks the baby looks like Michelle and Tommy but David says that’s impossible or … is it?

Craig is acting shifty around Norris and someone stole the Kabin’s newspaper stand.

There is clearly an attraction between Sally and Tim.

Ken is in “Canada” like Kevin is in “Germany.”

Tina and Tommy are off on holiday. Tommy’s holiday may be permanent, as per the previous post.

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