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A note about spoilers…

As of tonight’s episode, the Canadian broadcasts of Coronation Street are exactly six months behind. It’s been years since we’ve been that close to the original UK broadcasts and it may be tempting to discuss current stories as we’re getting … Continue reading

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Changes to the Coronation Street Schedule

Straight from the horse’s (CBC) mouth: Beginning Wednesday, April 14 and continuing until Wednesday June 9, Coronation Street will be seen weekdays at 3:30 p.m. local time in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Windsor (the rest of Ontario still … Continue reading

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Schedule Change for Sunday December 13th.

This just in….. On Sunday December 13, there will be a time change for Corrie in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, MTN, BC and PTN only, Corrie will air 30 minutes earlier than its usual broadcast time in each of these areas.

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With Relish

I remember the moment I started watching. Do you? It was a hangdog morning in bed after a night out with the footy team dancing at Menopause Mansion. Unable to move, bedroom TV it was going to be. I surfed … Continue reading

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Please take a moment…

To wish our esteemed founder, Corrie fan, and vodka enthusiast, Jacqueline, the happiest of birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLACIA! MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!!

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Miss Glacia Regrets…

After many hours of thought over many drinks, I think I’m going to have to hang up my Corrie blogging hat.   I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut and I don’t know if I can dedicate myself to this … Continue reading

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Welcome To The New Home of Corrie Canuck

Welcome to the new digs!   I hope everyone will be able to find their way over and we can carry on the party in our new roomier space.  We’ll officially open this space on Monday, January 14, 2008 – but … Continue reading

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Update Status

Just to let you all know your Corrie Canuck team in working on the updates for the rest of this week. Just shoveling our way out of After Eight mints and Baileys.

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Three Things

#1 – For those of you who were guessing, Rita would have been 75 on Feb 15, 2007. A big birthday I would think and in need of a lot of celebration. #2 – From Corrie Canuck Pauline, this fun … Continue reading

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We are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties… Unfortunately, I had some VCR issues last night (yes, I still use a VCR to tape off of TV), so will only be posting sometime tomorrow.

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