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Coronation Abbey

So Coronation Street isn’t the only ITV produced soap I’m obsessed with. The other is Downton Abbey, currently airing on PBS’ Masterpiece.  Oh sure, there are high production values and nice costumes but come on, it’s a soap. With that … Continue reading

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The Grimshaws of 11 Coronation Street

It was way back in 2007 when Debbie mentioned in the comments that Elsie Tanner’s maiden name was Grimshaw. I always thought it was odd that particular piece of information just sat there on the shelf, not being used. You … Continue reading

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Blanche’s Final Scene

I forgot to post this last week but Maggie Jones’ last scene as Blanche Hunt has aired in Canada. Shortly after her scenes were filmed, she fell ill and soon passed away. If you’d like to skip ahead to 6:57 … Continue reading

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Separated at Birth?

I was reading Expo 67 Lounge, a blog about Montreal’s Expo and other cultural highlights of that era. A recent post discusses a certain singer who came to the expo. Is it just me or is 1960’s French teen pop … Continue reading

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They’re back!

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Cultural Reference of the Day

This week, as Tyrone and Molly made their way over the Kevin and Sally’s for dinner, Molly admitting that she wasn’t looking forward to dining with “Hyacinth Bucket”. In case you haven’t seen the show she’s talking about, the reference … Continue reading

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Corrie Weddings Over The Years

Hi All 🙂 Here is a spoiler-cleansed chat with Lance Milligan, Corrie’s costume boss, on wedding dresses over the years: Every Corrie bride needs five things: something old, new, borrowed, blue and… Lance Milligan. As Head of Costume on the … Continue reading

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When will the bell toll for he?

I have to say that I have always thought that the addition of the character Tom Connor on the Street was a bit odd. He is a Connor cousin and yes he went into business with Liam, but his raison … Continue reading

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John’s Scratches

It’s been bothering me for a week now just where I’ve seen John Stape’s bright red, never healing scratches before. Turns out he borrowed them from James T. Kirk after a transporter accident split the good captain into two separate … Continue reading

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Richard LeVell, aka Kevin Webster is on CBC Q this morning.

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