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Oh Coronation Street’s Alright, Mind You, There’s Some You’ll Have to Watch – 51 Today

Corrie Street is 51 years today! And for those who missed John’s posting, get yourself into  the Wayback machine and see the first episode ever!

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It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Thanks to Fondu123 for the Youtube clip of Corrie’s first ‘Tram Through the Viaduct’ incident in, what I think is 1967. This happened well before Corrie Canuck blog started and well, I was a year old at the time, so … Continue reading

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Coronation Street Opening Titles Through the Ages

Now that the CBC is running the new opening title sequence for Corrie to correspond with the show’s switch from standard to high definition, let’s have a look at how the opening titles have changed over the years: 1960: The … Continue reading

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It Was 50 Years Ago Today

December 9th, 1960. The very first episode. Here’s to 50 more years. “Coronation Street’s alright. Mind there’s some you’ll have to watch.”

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The Road to Coronation Street

Tonight in the UK, BBC4 aired a TV movie called The Road to Coronation Street. The film details how series creator Tony Warren managed to create a nightly drama about the lives of working class people in the north of … Continue reading

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Ted Paige

Missus Mac asks what the story is on Ted Paige, Gayle’s da. Here’s what I got via CorrieNet*. Audrey told Gayle about her father on her 41st birthday. The story goes that 17 year old Audrey wanted to get married … Continue reading

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The Most Dangerous Street In Britain?

Over the history of Coronation Street there seems to me to have been an inordinate number of untimely deaths to the people who live on what is a rather short street. I have compiled a list, from a variety of … Continue reading

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Quick Ashley Primer

Eps asked, ‘Where is Ashley’s mom?’ so I thought I’d just give a quick primer to those of you who aren’t familiar with Ashley’s lineage. Fred had an affair with a worker in his shop, Kathleen Gutteridge, who became pregnant … Continue reading

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Who’s This Paul Clayton, Then?

Very quickly, to give you all a brief background on the Duckworth’s grandson Paul. Jack and Vera have a very, very bad egg son named Terry.  Terry was involved with Andrea Clayton, who got pregnant by him and gave birth in … Continue reading

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What a leapy day indeed

Happy Leapy Day everyone. We only have the honour and privilege of experiencing February 29th every 4 years, so I think it requires a mention. Also, given the scheduling of Coronation Street (in the UK), it isn’t too often that … Continue reading

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