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Gopher Adventure!

Nothing to do with the Street – other than the striking resemblance between this wee gopher and our Gail – especially when he smiles! A good hoot!! Cheers. I’m afraid you’ll have to paste the above line into your browser … Continue reading

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Some diabolical plans need to be spelled out

Last night, when Tony suggested to Jason that it would be shame if something happened to the bats, he kind of had to spell out his idea that Jason should find a way to dispose of the bats before the … Continue reading

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Some Corrie Fun

Win this limited edition Coronation Street flyer for a Charity show by the members of the cast. The fourth, fifth and sixth person with the correct answer wins one! Question: Who collapsed – and later died – while hanging out … Continue reading

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Corrie Canuck Fun Facts

A little known but totally amazing fact; Corrie Canuck contributers Debbie and Glacia were backup singers together back in the 80’s for the wildly popular pop group ‘Wham’. While their friendship eventually survived the ensuing love triangle, George Michael NEVER … Continue reading

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Obscure Pop Cultural Reference of the Day

Last night, Eileen referred to Gail as “Janette Krankie”. Ian and Janette Tough were the Krankies, a Scottish comedy duo in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Because of her small stature, Janette often played the character of Wee Jimmy Krankie, a … Continue reading

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The Many Hidden Talents of Deidre

Coronation Street Actress Anne Kirkbride reveals she has a talent for more than acting. Read the full article from the Daily Mail here: Is Corrie’s Deidre New Dali? (No Spoilers)

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Ode to Carla

She arrived with a face porcelain-perfect and nasty Not sure what occurred but it ended with ‘plasty’ Streaming hair like Morticia, this bird hit the Street Lots of bling that went clink, Gucci boots on her feet.   Custom built … Continue reading

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Coronation Street Contest – Win A Trip to the Set of Street!

Nestle has teamed up with the CBC  and you could visit the set of Coronation Street! (By the way if you win you are legally obligated to take me! Just joking.) You could also win 1 of 120 Coronation Street … Continue reading

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Unicorn Lawyer

As per Michigander Fan’s comments, here is the promo for CBC’s latest offering to target the female demographic: It drove me crazy wondering where I’d seen that actress before until it hit me: Aero bar commercial. “That’th phenomeno.”

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Where the Englishman Climbed Up a Hill and Fell Off a Mountain

Three years ago, the missus and I spent Christmas in the Scottish Borders area, which is handy to the Lake District. The central town of said district is Keswick, which we visited. It’s also likely that it was close to … Continue reading

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