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Shameless Appeal For Your Help!

Since many of you watch other British programmes, I thought I would let you know that earlier this week, the BBC announced that it would not be renewing Jam and Jerusalem, starring Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, for a 4th … Continue reading

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Badass Windass

This is not related in any way shape or form to Coronation Street, but I found the choice of the name ‘Windass’ for the new bad family on the show an interesting one. There is an English footballer named Dean … Continue reading

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There Are Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing

In tonight’s episode, Liam makes reference to the song “Nine Million Bicycles” by Katie Melua, Georgian-British singer and all-around hottie. This is the song he was referencing.

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Bond. James Bond.

Since Norris is keen on winning a trip to Jamaica to see the house of Ian Fleming, and Glacia et al seem to be quite fond of Daniel Craig, the latest incarantion of the actors who play Bond, I thought … Continue reading

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Some ‘Blue’ Eye Candy

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Equal Opportunity Eye Candy

Yeah, Claire Gone Wild was clearly aimed at one sexual preference only…sorry…hope this evens up the score…

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Yes Missusmac, There Really Was a ‘Toot Toot’

Okay, I couldn’t find the opening of the Pig and Whistle, but I did find this:

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You Know You’re Scottish When….

as Beanie says, ‘I totally freakin’ KNOW this song…’ Since John posted the clip of the wee Ton-nay, this has been spinning around in my head because YES, it was sung by many of my relatives too. I think it … Continue reading

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Tony Gordon, The Early Years

Before he was hiring Jason Grimshaw to illegally take care of the bat problem, Tony Gordon was just another precocious singing Scottish lad.

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Change We Can Believe In

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