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Harry Flagg : Where Is He Now?

Whatever happened to Harry Flagg? Coronation Street’s self-described “professional cleansing operative” bid adieu to Eileen, took off in his camper van for Europe, and hasn’t been heard from since. Not even a postcard. Coronation Street fans were so outraged by … Continue reading

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Karen’s Cups Runneth Over

Karen McDonald’s breasts have swollen to mind-blowing proportions. Only a bra with a complex system of pulleys, structural steel, and flying buttresses can house those projectiles. We need to get an engineering team on this project right away. If only … Continue reading

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Boom, Boom, Boom – Let’s go back to Maya’s Room

Update Aug 30 – SERIOUS SPOILER Dev & SunitaOooooooooooooooooooookay….so Dev and Sunita have her parents over for a nice dinner. It’s nice. The house looks nice. The food looks nice. The conversation is nice. Nice, nice, nice. Maya staring from … Continue reading

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The Canadian Tire Guy

annoying It seems the Canadian Tire Guy (Ted Simonett) has caused a kerfuffle with our Jacqueline. (Rightly so, Jacqueline, rightly so.) Watch this Royal Canadian Air Farce video clip. Scroll down to “Canadian Tire Couple Visit.” (uses RealPlayer) And don’t … Continue reading

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Update August 29th

Okay – the hour long episodes are great, but a lot of info. Forgive me if I forget anything. Barlows. Deidre – you have to be one of the worst mothers in history. I’m sorry – but I hold you … Continue reading

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Quizzy Quiz

Idea lifted from the Canadian Coronation Street bulletin board – here’s the first of Corrie Canucks Polls. When you watch Coronation Street, who’s the most annoying person to come on your screen? – Cilla – Shelly – Any one of … Continue reading

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Rude Britain

Canadians have Dildo and Blow Me Down. Britain has Slag Lane and Sandy Balls. Read all about it in Rude Britain: The 100 Rudest Place Names in Britain. Meanwhile, in Austria, the British have a fixation with F***ing.

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Queer Eye for the Builder Guy

Charlie Stubbs’ hair has gone from shaggy to sleek. Now if only Carson Kressley would take him shopping and teach him how to tjuz.

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Weatherfield Workouts

While Corrie addicts the nation over rejoice in longer hours of programming this week, we may not notice the insidious side effects of our television viewing. Sitting square-eyed for hours in front of telly with our pints and crisps and … Continue reading

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568ml of Ale Please, Shell

If the European Commission gets its way, punters used to enjoying a pint may instead find themselves supping 568ml of beer.

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