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Update for Episode # 6159 July 31, 2006

The Bad Son David tries to ring Martin in Liverpool but only gets the answering machine. He leaps to the logical conclusion, that Martin is screening his calls so he won’t have to talk to David. In a pathetic touching … Continue reading

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Possible TV Crossover

From Lisa: Coz there’s just not enough killin’ on Corrie. Anyone up for making a top 3 list of who should be murdered on the street? Here’s mine: 1. Tracey for being the bitch that she is & for reproducing2. … Continue reading

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If Cilla Knit

This is what she might make herself, if she had a case of lice, like Janice.

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Late Update – Last Friday’s Episode

Sorry kids, I was pre-occupied this weekend helping George Snuffleupagus drown his sorrows over the failure of ‘The One’. Glacia Writhers In Pain On The Floor….. as Scruffy the Scotsman descends Gail’s stairs looking like he hasn’t had a bath … Continue reading

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Would You Rather?

Our Shelley knows which one she’d rather.

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You Call That a Send Off?Okay, so he creeps me out a bit and he’s not my favorite character and I don’t think I’ll miss him that much….but still….what kind of lame ass send off was that for our Martin … Continue reading

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Glacia cries…a lot

Serious spoiler on a plan for next Christmas on Corrie… click here to find out what makes me sad.

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Update for Episode # 6156 July 26, 2006

The MacDonalds and the Claytons The show opens with Steve manfully cowering on the floor of his car while Jimmy does some auto body work on Steve’s car with a shotgun. (If you’re going to get killed at least go … Continue reading

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Classic Corrie Alert

If anyone wants to see the last episode with Samir, I’m pretty sure it’ll be aired tommorow on Country Canada (4pm, 8pm and 12:30 am)

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Update July 25, 2006 – Fer God’s Sake Bring Back De Oirish Girl

Kiss Kiss Bang BangSteve, Lister and Eileen have a discussion about Moley and the fires of hell she has brought upon Streetcars. Imagine their surprise when they find out that the new client she scored for them is actually a … Continue reading

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