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Brace Yourselves

The summary that Rogers provides for tonight’s episode: Gail becomes depressed. oy.

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Whipped Update

Before I do anything, let me get my favorite quote out of the way. Blanche: ‘It must be a penance thing, like how catholics whip themselves.’ Rita: ‘Catholics don’t whip themselves.’ Glacia: ‘Actually, Rita, you’re wrong. Personally, I love a … Continue reading

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Now for something completely different…

I know this has nothing to do with Coronation Street but I could not resist posting what has to be the most endearing picture in the history of the world. No harm bringing a smile or two into our messed … Continue reading

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Spanish Football

A little more information for those who might be curious about obscure Spanish footballing references. In spite of having what is likely the best domestic league in all of Europe Spain has never won the World Cup. Real Madrid and … Continue reading

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Update for Episode # 6288 January 29, 2007

The Spanish side that Lloyd fancies will win the 2006 World Cup. Sleepless Nights Gail wanders down the street in a daze. She tries to to go into the Cafe but the door is locked. She turns away and almost … Continue reading

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The Friday Double Whammy Update

Jack begs Frankie to help Vera in the Caf, but Frankie’s too busy moving Nathan into her house. Jack tells Vera that Frankie won’t come, which sends her into a mood. Clearly overwhelmed, Vera snaps at Becky for being snarky … Continue reading

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Fight Club Update – Thursday

The First Rule of Corrie is You Don’t Talk About Corrie Danny’s looking kind of rough going into the factory and the girls are giving him a bit of a hard time. He lets them get in their giggles and … Continue reading

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It’s coming!

So sorry to be so late with the Friday update – it shall be posted later today.

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Worst Dressed?

Is this not the worst dressed person on the street?That trench coat is horrendous – is he a sex offender or just homeless?And what’s with that hair? Remove the homeless clothing and look what we get… Hmmm, not quite so … Continue reading

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Two Times the Fun

Two episodes of Coronation Street tonight!

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