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Have Ye Ever Wondered?

What the Corrie Canuck contributors are like in real life? Does Shatnerian talk like every word is it’s own sentence? Is Papasmurf as blue as we might suspect? Does Working from Home ever get out of her pajamas? Is Glacia … Continue reading

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Coronation Strasse, Pet – Update

Auf Weidersehen, Papa! We seen Sean contacting the elusive Brian trying to set up another son/father renuion. When he leaves a message he tells him that they need to talk and clear things up and adds ‘I’m not 10 anymore … Continue reading

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The Subtle Pregnancy

It’s no secret around here that Jane Danson (our Leanne) was, at the time of the episodes we’re now seeing in Canada, quite pregnant. Because her real life pregnancy was not written into the show, the producers found clever ways … Continue reading

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Update for Episode # 6308 February 26, 2007

The episode of many happy heart wrenching family moments The Saga of Sean Sean is waiting at the door of his father’s house, and after twenty years of no contact the door opens and Sean finally claps eyes on his … Continue reading

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Debbie Asks

What’s Nathan’s purpose on the show? I wondered myself, and after the 2,500th time seeing him with pouting lips, raised eyebrown and sunken cheekbones in, I got it. Nathan is there to give us a daily dose of ‘Blue Steel’. … Continue reading

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Pubby, Pubby

Okay, I’m gonna see if the Auld Spot can accomodate us on Saturday night for a BIS show Corrie pub night. What I need to know is a rough estimate of how many are coming so I can see if … Continue reading

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The Friday Update

“Do you think asking your son’s ex-girlfriend to marry you while your son’s stood there is romantic or not?” Kelly asks the group sitting outside the factory. They laugh. Fiz warns there’ll be no stopping Leanne now that she’s engaged … Continue reading

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But Jesus That Was a Boring Episode – Update

Okay, okay, okay….I’ve been lax with my Thursday updates I know. Here goes, you quickie. Where in the World Is Frankie Domingo? Nathan comes around to tell Roy that Frankie is in Spain and it’s up to Roy to later … Continue reading

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Who Owned #6?

As far as I can figure out, Natalie Barnes (Pictured here with Bonny Prince Charles) was the last owner of #6 as she let it out to Matt Ramsden. Natalie was the wife of Des Barnes. But since Charlie’s talking … Continue reading

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More Corrie Recipes and Second Life

For Pamer who asks…how do you make cheese on toast. Ingrediants Bread Cheese (grated or slice) Butter Instructions Pre-heat oven to 450. Butter bread. Put cheese on bread. Bung in the oven for 10 minutes (or 12 if you want … Continue reading

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