Slightly Stale Day Old Update


Paul talks to Amber at the shop and tells her that they won’t be able to pay her until after the insurance comes through. She’s cool with that and mentions to him that the police came around to talk to her, which seems to get Pillsbury a bit nervous.

Dev then comes out from the back room and tells them less yakking, to which Amber responds by a slam of the door and a run down the street.   Dev then tells Pillsbury to stay the heck away from his daughter because when he’s around with his ‘pop n’ fresh’, she does nothing  but disrespect Daddy.

Later on, Dev confronts Amber about her crush on Paul, but Amber tells him that she just pretends to have a crush on him to wind Dev up.  She assures Dev that when she’s ready to date, she’ll be going after the always scrumptious Pete Doherty.


Back at the pub, Dan is comforting Leanne who is very grateful to have someone on her side for once.    Enter two  people who are NEVER on Leanne’s side – roommate Janice and loans officer Roger.  They are back from….hell I can’t remember where they went…and are all refreshed and happy.   Leanne tells Janice about the fire and the minute Janice is alone with Roger she asks if his faulty plumbing could have started the fire.   Roger reminds Janice that water rarely combusts.    God, why is he with her?

The Penny and the Other Shoe Drop

Gayle confronts David and tells him that she remembers that he had arrived at the house after Jason had left.  She then uses her impressive sense of logic to deduce that it was probably David that pushed her.  David denies all and leaves the house.

Audrey comes over to the house to talk to Gayle and stresses to her the importance of calling the police.  She says given his history with Bethany’s overdose, Jason’s fall from the scaffolding (wait…was it common knowledge that David was responsible) and now this, it’s just a matter of time before he kills someone.  Gayle of course is reluctant to get the police involved, knowing that overindulgence and smothering is the one true way to set a bad kid straight.

David meets up with Tina at the cafe where she tells him that while she will continue to lie for him, they are through.   He begs her not to leave, but she tells him he should have thought of all this before he pushed his mother down a flight of stairs.    She leaves and Becky brings a comforting cuppa to him.

He goes back to the house to confront Audrey and Gayle and insists that he did not push Gayle down the stairs.  Both women urge him to tell the truth, but when it’s clear that he won’t Audrey tells Gayle to grab her hat, caps and chewing gum because she’s coming to her house.  David begs Gayle not to leave but Audrey says there’s no way she’s leaving Gayle alone with him.  Once they leave, David has a good cry.

Getting Into Cars for Money

Steve visits Alex at his soccer game to have a few words with him, but Steve actually has to pay him a tenner for ten mintues of his time.   He gets Alex to sit in the car with him while he explains that Michelle is really missing him and that it’d be good for him to visit.  Alex says he’ll ‘think about it’, but really his schedule is pretty full right now with  booking all inclusive guilt trips, playing loved ones off of each other and locking himself in pubs.

Om (Triple Word Score)


Great news!  Vern’s mates, the ones working on the smoking shelter, have just been booked for a gig on a cruiseship!  They leave today! 

Course, Liz is less than happy about this, but Vern assures her that the cosmos will take care of all through the power of  karma.

In Other News

Marcus and Eileen continue to share in their mutual dislike of Lauren.

At the sound of the beep the time will be exactly Beer O’clock.  Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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3 Responses to Slightly Stale Day Old Update

  1. missusmac says:

    I’m hatin’ on Alex. Why would Steve urge, let alone pay, that little snot to get back into their lives? (Lovely line about how busy he is…)

    Almost felt sorry for David. I keep screaming in my head — WHY DIDN”T YOU GET THERAPY???? Because your mother is an idiot.

  2. corriecrazy says:

    I also vote Alex out of the show. I just think that whole story line needs to be thrown out. It sometimes is quite touching to see Ryan and Nick’s relationship developing; however, it’s all way too farfetched and I don’t care for Michelle’s acting redarding that storyline.

    If only I had a nickel for every time Gail made a bad choice regarding David’s well-being… I think you all know how well off I’d be. 😉

  3. fondue says:

    “Pillsbury”? HAHAHAHAHA! Very appropriate, I say, very appropriate!

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